13 New Rules For City Gardening

13 New Rules For City Gardening

City gardening rules keep changing with the advancements and things that happen around. When you walk around the city, a garden both in personal and public space is adorable. While walking down the street of a city, pots beautifully on the sidewalks or steps are great treats for the eyes. In cities, the space for the garden is very less, but the truth is that you can make most out of the available space. Here are some of the new rules for city gardening that would help in making the whole area look beautiful and green. 

Complementary Colors

The complementary colors are great to experiment for your city garden. There are plants or flowers with very soft colors that you can keep in the containers. These contrasting and soothing colors help in creating a very romantic view for the people. Cottage garden design with the best combination of colors makes a great look.

Different Variety of Plants and Varying Heights

It is not a good idea to use different plant varieties. It is also not great to have a staggering height in the straight row. Such varying heights can create a very awkward look. It may not be a great and pleasing look for the eye. 

Leave Space In Front Steps

13 New Rules For City Gardening
13 New Rules For City Gardening

Cluttering the front steps with odds and ends. Do not use single plants in small containers. It may look not so great and looks like some things are carelessly on the steps. 

Plant Trees 

Planting trees in the containers on the property is a great way to keep your place colorful. It is a great way to add texture, color, and also a lot of life on the sidewalk. They are best for health and even for the environment. 

Focal Point In The Garden

13 New Rules For City Gardening
13 New Rules For City Gardening

A garden needs a focal point, and choosing a massive container with some very unique plants can form a great focal point in the garden. It is good to make the right choice as the major attraction of the garden is the focal point. 

Use Perennials

If your garden has a lot of space, then planting perennials can be great to add to the area. The perennials are very easy to plant and maintain, and they also look great and beautiful. Brunnera macrophilia is popular as Siberian bugloss, and it comes with blooming flowers. It flourishes and thrives well in the partial and moist shade, even on acidic soil. 

New Rules For City Gardening: Narrow Beds With Bushes

Small beds around house perimeter is a good idea for a beautiful garden. Fill the beds with bushes, annuals, bulbs, and perennials. It creates a stunning view and also wakes up the senses. 

Never Use Evergreen Material

It is not good to use evergreen material in the window boxes while planting for the spring. Remove the plant materials. Add the compost and fresh soil to the existing soil. 

Plant Native Wildflower and Spring Bulbs

On the city block, planting wildflower seeds and spring bulbs around tree perimeters makes the best view. It is beneficial in adding beauty, color, and pleasure for the people living around.

New Rules For City Gardening: Never Use Sidewalk

It is not a great idea to use the sidewalk as a space for your garden. Any gardening or plans on the sidewalk is not legal and can be obstructive, as well. 

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