3 Critical Steps To Take Care Of Your Plants

tips for outdoor gardening

The phases are further split into four and they are new, full, first or last quarter. Each phase has a different flower growing season and each season has a different flower color or flowers you may wish to plant. Understanding the phases and their characteristics will greatly help you decide what types of flowers you want to plant.

One thing you need to know about the moon is that it is a lunatic planet. That means the moon phases are not predictable, but by keeping an eye out every so often you can tell which phase the moon is in for that specific month. The phases are named after the month that they occur, such as the new or full moon. So if it is your first time trying to plant flowers, you should try and plant them in the new or full moon period. This is the most favorable time to grow any plants.

A Drought-Resistant Plant

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When thinking about the best time to plant various plants, you should remember that a drought-resistant plant cannot take much moisture from the ground. In other words, the more water you give a drought-resistant plant, the harder it is for the plant to take. If you do not have a lot of extra space, then a good choice is a plant with a shallow root system that can survive off just a little water. These plants are great for container gardens.

The tips for outdoor gardening do not end with giving your gardenias all the water it needs. The plant needs regular watering, approximately every six weeks during the summer months. You should only water the bottom of the plant and never water the leaves of the gardenia plant. If the soil is extremely dry, then you might consider using a water sprayer that will mist the plant every few hours. This will help keep the soil moist.

The Full Moon For Your Zodiac

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How exactly you interpret the Full Moon for your zodiac is another question. It really depends on your birth month. June is the month for Aries, Pisces, Cancer, and Leo. A full moon is perfect for all of these zodiac signs, except for Cancer and Pisces which are strictly water signs. If you want to keep your garden healthy, it is best to plant your garden with the help of a lunar calendar. This type of astrology has nothing to do with the moon. Rather, it talks about the cycle of your own moon cycle. A complete cycle takes 29 days, so a full moon is the closest we can get to the actual moon each month.

With a lunar calendar, you will know exactly when the full moon is due. For this reason, it is important to plant just before the new moon, which is also referred to as Waxing Crescent. The Waxing Crescent is not considered a bad omen; in fact, it is believed to give us our instincts of survival. You should be careful not to plant anything else during the entire month of the waxing crescent. However, if you are growing anything, then you should wait until after the new moon has passed.


Gardenias are beautiful plants to have, but they are a bit of a challenge if you have small gardens. If you grow gardenias in pots, then you need to be sure to use soil that is well-drained and to place your plants in the shade. They are great performers if you let them be, but if you want your gardenias to take care of themselves, then you will have to take care of them.

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