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7 Reasons To Have Pond Plants In Garden Ponds

7 Reasons To Have Pond Plants In Garden Ponds

Most pond owners love to grow pond plants in their garden pond. There is no doubt that with plants, green color pops out. It brightens the water. But there are more reasons to have aquatic plants than many of us know.

1. Reduce Algae Growth

7 Reasons To Have Pond Plants In Garden Ponds
7 Reasons To Have Pond Plants In Garden Ponds

These plants can reduce the common algae growth into the pond. They lessen the availability of most vital components that are significant for algae growth: nutrients and light.

Most plants create shade on your pond, and direct sunlight can’t reach the bottom. Algae thrive in such an environment where they get sunlight. So, when such plants reduce the light level that enters the bottom, it curbs the algae growth.

Algae and plants both require nutrients like nitrates and phosphates for surviving and growing. If there are plants, algae get tough competition from them and receive fewer nutrients. Eventually, the algae growth reduces.

2. Oxygenation

Hornwort and Anacharis are considered as oxygenating plants. When these plants grow, they absorb lots of CO2 from the environment while releasing a surge of O2 into the water column. It helps the aquatic lives to thrive while reducing algae growth.

3. Natural Filtration

7 Reasons To Have Pond Plants In Garden Ponds
7 Reasons To Have Pond Plants In Garden Ponds

Plants filter toxic components like the nitrite and ammonia from the water body. In addition to that their root systems play an important role to grow good nitrifying bacteria.

You can place these plants in your filter to save them from becoming food for your fish in the pond. You can reserve some space dedicated to such plants.

4. Pond Plants Presents Natural Environment

With aquatic plants, your pond gets a perfectly natural look. As a pond owner, it is beneficial, it not only filters water environment but also improve the water garden look. It makes it a wonderful place for relaxing. The wildlife your water body will love some vegetation as they can get cover, feel safe. Fry can hide behind the plants and thrive in peace.

5. Lighter Water Temperature

Water plants give shade to your pond as direct sunlight can’t pass through the leaves. They not only prevent algae growth but also cool down the water temperature from overheating risk. Wildlife of the pond cools off under the shade of large leaves. The big leaves of the plants keep the temperature of the pond within a comfortable range.

6. Pond Plants Protects From Predators

Natural predators sometimes target these ponds as their ground for hunting. It is devastating as you will lose stock in no time. Cats, raccoons, herons, along with other animals, will know your pond is a perfect place to have their meal. Along with other methods, natural plants can protect the fish and make it almost a no-fishing zone for the predators.

7. Important Food Source

Some fish love to eat these plants. Greens are the best addition to the diet of some herbivorous/omnivorous fishes, like goldfish and koi. You may think then there won’t be any plant left if the fish feast on them. No, you can keep a separate tub in the pond for these plants, only place where the fish can eat, live, and thrive without eating all plants.

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