A Review of San Francisco Botanical Garden

san francisco botanical garden

The San Francisco Botanical Garden is located at Strybing Arboretum. It has been around since 1830 and has been admired by locals and tourists alike. The park was originally built for the cultivation of strawberries, but it has expanded since then. There are many different types of plants in the garden such as Orchids, Bird Gardens, and a very large assortment of flowers. You can have a stroll through the garden at any time of the day or night.

Beautiful Birds

A green plant in a forest

There are many types of birds that can be seen in the garden. These include the Red Sapele Ears, Black-cheeked Oriole, Grey-headed Lovebird, Yellow-collared Shaded Hornbill, Black-crowned Parrot, and the Purple-faced Woodpecker. There are also many rare species of plants.

Orchids bloom throughout the year and have many different flowers ranging from the small lavender to the large and highly ornate orchid. They range from the tropical to the desert. The Red Sapele Ears will flower during the month of April. The Black-cheeked Oriole will flower in June. The Yellow-collared shaded hornbill will flower in August and the Purple-faced woodpecker will be there all year around.

Amazing Oasis

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The flower garden has a beautiful oasis. There are over four hundred flowers from a variety of plants. These are perfect to compliment your clothing. You can walk for miles and see different flowers and plants. You may want to spend some time alone and just admire the beauty of nature.

Another wonderful attraction at the San Francisco Botanical Garden is their butterfly exhibit. There you can see hundreds of different species of butterflies. You will also get to learn about the different kinds of butterflies and their particular food sources. This is a great thing to do if you are planning a picnic or a family outing.

There are several other events that are held at the San Francisco Botanical Garden. There are numerous shows that take place during the summer months. There is always a free day of photography at the Children’s Park. There is always a free concert at the Little Theatre. And in November, the world famous organist, Diego Maradona, gives a free show to the public.

Best Place For Family & Friends

The San Francisco Botanical Garden is a great place to bring your family or your friends on a day out. The flowers are very fragrant. The scent will fill your nostrils and you will want to go there again. It has been said that when a couple comes to the flower garden, the first thing they notice is the color of the flowers. The color just seems to capture the senses and that is why so many people come back each year.

So, if you are planning a trip to San Francisco, the San Francisco Botanical Garden is an ideal place to visit. It is free. It is beautiful. And most importantly, it is where you can see flowers in their truest form. That is what the San Francisco flower garden does best.

The “Flowers of Alhambra” as it is called were given to the world by Islamic merchants in the tenth century. They were grown in gardens and fields and these gardens are still visible today. They are also famous for their calla lilies. These were brought by Middle Eastern traders to Spain. When they arrived in the city, they were planted by the locals who were able to grow them due to favorable weather conditions.

Varied Species

The San Francisco Botanical Garden is home to many exotic species of plants. It is famous for its roses and azaleas among other beautiful flowers. Of course, these do not come cheap. The flowers are grown in large pots on a grassy area which is surrounded by tall trees. This ensures that the plant receives enough sunlight and that it gets the required water supply.

The flower show takes place every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. If you are lucky, then you may catch sight of the King or Queen during one of these shows. Other popular attractions include the Wildflower Center, Botanical Building and the San Francisco Zoo.


In addition to the flowers, the San Francisco Botanical Garden is famous for its tropical plant store, where one can buy all sorts of plants not only for personal use but as gifts. For instance, you can buy beautiful flowers for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas and more. The flowers and plants at the botanical garden are a sight to behold and it is definitely a good idea to spend a few hours here strolling around or sitting in one of its beautiful chairs.

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