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Summerhills Garden Centre is a family-owned and operated business that has been operating in the St. Albert area for over 50 years. They are proud to be one of the largest garden centres in Western Canada with an inventory of more than 10,000 items including plants, trees, shrubs, lawn care supplies, garden decorating supplies and much more! With 16 acres under the roof, they have something to offer for everyone no matter what their budget or gardening needs are. The staff at Summerhills Garden Centre will provide you with expert advice on how to achieve your goals without breaking your bank account. Here is some detail about

What is a Garden Centre?

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A garden centre is a type of store that sells plants, flowers, trees, soil, fertilizers, garden tools and other gardening supplies. Summerhills Garden Centre is a popular garden centre in the area with a large selection of plants and flowers.

Why does Summerhills have so many plants and flowers?

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Summerhills Garden Centre has such a large selection of plants and flowers because they want to offer their customers as many options as possible. They also carry trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, and seasonal items like pumpkins in October and Christmas decorations in November-December.

Types of plants available

The different types of plants that are available at the store include:

Summerhills Garden Centre sells a wide variety of trees, from small shrubs to large trees that can be used for privacy or shade.

Shrubs are a type of plant that can be used to create boundaries, add colour and interest to a garden, or act as a windbreak.

Annual plants are ones that need to be replanted every year. They come in a wide variety of colours, sizes, and shapes, making them a popular choice for gardens.

Perennial plants are ones that live for more than two years. They come in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes, and many of them bloom repeatedly throughout the year.

Summerhills Garden Centre offers seasonal plants, such as pumpkins in October and Christmas decorations in November-December.

Tips for how to care for your new purchase(s) once you get them home

When you bring your new purchase home, make sure to be mindful of how it is being transported from the point of purchase to the car/home. The more care and attention that a plant has when being transported, the less likely it is to get damaged. If you’re going to carry it, then be careful of amending soil or dirt getting on clothes or your house.

Inspect any plants that have been shipped for bugs or pest infestation. Remove any leaves with pests before planting them in the garden so they don’t spread their eggs and larvae to other plants in your garden.

Make sure there are no stressed plants before planting them in your garden – stressed plants can attract bees, butterflies, or other pests to your garden.

If you’re planting in the ground, make sure not to plant it too deeply – the crown of the plant should be poking out of soil level at least 2″ so that they can gather nutrients from the soil and have access to sunlight.

Make sure there are no weeds or mulch on top of any plants being planted so they can get access to the sun easily. Also, if you buy a shrub/tree, don’t remove all its leaves right after purchase because this will stress out your new purchase by depriving it of sunlight for an extended period of time – this causes more damage than good!

Water trees, shrubs, or anything else with woody stems/trunks/branches every 3-5 days. When you water them, make sure not to pour any water on the leaves or flowers because this can damage them and them become more susceptible to diseases.


Summerhills Garden Centre is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving the community for over 50 years. They specialize in all things gardening, from landscaping to garden furniture. If you’re looking for expert advice about your outdoor space or need help with designing an indoor planter, they are here to assist you! Their experienced team of designers is ready to meet with you at their showroom or on-site to make sure every inch of your home feels like it belongs together beautifully. Summerhill’s staff can also provide maintenance services if keeping up with the upkeep seems too daunting for you right now. Whether you want them to come by once a week or just do some light clean up each month, they have got you covered.

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