All About Zen Gardens

Zen Garden: Know Important Factors About It

Zen Garden is a Japanese way to recreate their mind, body, and soul. Creating it is a great and mind-blowing way to reduce stress from your mind, improve your focus and make it better and develop a sense of well-being. It makes you happy and joyful which soothes your inner soul and mind and takes you to another level of relaxation. By creating these gardens, you can grasp a lot of benefits. Let us take you through the way to create it and exactly what it is so that you can reap the maximum usage of it.

Zen Garden: What Is It?

The area is known as rock gardens or Japanese rock gardens. It has a controlled setting of raked sand of rocks and clipped shrubs which are precisely attached to rocks. It attracts the people who are more into this kind of décor. If you like to find the beauty in nature or a setting which attracts natural woodland of rocks and sand then the zen garden is a perfect place for you. It is surrounded by wildflowers and plants which are really soft when you touch them. Zen Garden is kind of a more traditional or natural garden that one can think of. It clearly states and focuses on the principles of nature that are simplicity and austerity.

Zen Garden: Know Important Factors About It
Zen Garden: Know Important Factors About It

In Japanese simplicity is known as Kanso and austerity is known as Koko. Zen Buddhists created the first garden in the sixth century to help people in meditating in a peaceful environment. After some time, they started using the garden to teach the zen principle and concepts and knowledge about the culture of zen. People have now redesigned the structure of zen garden in last years however its basic structure is still the same to maintain its natural look.

Create It!

There are few things you need to keep in mind while creating a zen garden.

You must know the size of the garden. Decide if you want to spread this garden in your entire outdoor area or merely a small area for your table and few seatings.

Usually they are kind of dry landscapes. So, ensure you have lot of sand for it. You must have a mold for it which completely depends upon the size of your garden. You can make them with woods as well. It is just to assure that your sand does not spread anywhere while making a garden. This is why mold are important.

Zen Garden: Know Important Factors About It
Zen Garden: Know Important Factors About It

You need to use raked sand for your garden. You can create curving strokes to show water ripples. Try to be creative while creating those ripples. Count the number of patterns while doing that and to give the best optimum effect rake it three to four inches deep. The best part about the dry landscape is you can anytime change its look if you are bored with it.

Try and use zen statues, stone and pebbles in your garden. You will need lot of stones and pebbles in it.

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