Backyard Gardening – Preventing Bacteria From Contaminating Your Backyard Garden

backyard gardening system

Backyard gardening systems are growing in popularity as many people are now realizing the enjoyment they can have by growing their own herbs, fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Growing your own food is a great way to save money and live healthier while you do your own thing. Some people are worried about how they will get their plants and herbs from one place to another. Others are afraid that they are not qualified to have their own garden at all.

The kits themselves will usually contain seeds, planting aid, fertilizer, drip line, fertilizer mixer, and directions for a proper backyard gardening system. The distribution of the kits should start in 2 months. This is a time when all community gardens and schools are receiving free seeds in order to help them strengthen their public health measures. This is also a time when people are being taught what a healthy garden looks like. A lot of the community gardens and schools will be giving these plants away for free or for a discounted price.

Some Things To Know

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If the plants receive adequate care, they will grow strong and healthy and then once again return to the gardens and schools for the next group of students. Once the gardeners become skilled at preparing and packaging their produce for shipping, it is time to implement a full lock on each plant. The locking can occur anywhere from one to six weeks depending on how well each locality’s lock law works. Each county has their own quarantine policies but for local outbreaks, the full lock down period is implemented.

To implement a full lockdown, there are several recommendations that are given to gardeners and farmers in an area. First, no general recommendations are given on a timeline for implementing a full quarantine. It depends on each case and location on how the outbreak progresses. Once each household member has been disinfected and the general recommendations have been followed, the schools and community gardens will need to begin their own quarantine programs. Most general recommendations involve not allowing anyone outside of the home to come into contact with any of the fruit or vegetables or fruits and vegetables inside the home.

Recommendations To Follow

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The next recommendation has to do with transportation and shipping of contaminated produce. Everyone in the United States has seen the pictures and news reports of fruits and vegetables that have been found in some South Korean grocery stores. We have also heard about them appearing in grocery stores in the United Kingdom. In both cases, the culprit has been imported from south Korea. This particular outbreak was contained within a large distribution center that handled hundreds of cases each month. However, because of the public health measures that have been implemented between the U.S. and south Korea, this type of situation is now much rarer.

Once the outbreak has been contained, it is important to bolster the public health measures that are in place. Since most of the fruits and vegetables have been imported, it makes sense to bolster the treatment methods to protect ourselves and our families. The first thing that we can do is follow the general recommendations from the US and United Kingdom and create a strong and strict public health system that we can all benefit from. Once these steps are in place, it makes sense to enforce them so that everyone is on the same page and moving in the same direction. This can be done by creating a strong and strict shopping schedule and developing an emergency food supply.

The other area that we want to look at here is the food supply. We have seen outbreaks before when products did not get sent off retail shelves due to the public health measures that were in place. When the containment is over, there should be in place methods for creating a robust distribution system. After all, that is one of the goals of the overall public health measures.

Bottom Line

When all of the above details are in place, then we can be confident that the food safety testing policy and the emergency administrative structures will work as intended. However, this is only part of the picture. It is also important for the general public to play their part and make sure that their gardens are safe. There are many resources available for gardens that need assistance with their gardens and with educating others on the dangers of bacteria and illness. All of this is possible through the Princess Margaret Cancer Society.

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