Different Types Of Planters

Types of Planters

There are many different types of planters. The pots can be made from plastic, clay, or even wood. The plants can also be potted in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some plants require larger pots or more soil than others. Larger or more difficult to pot varieties often need to be potted in a container with drainage holes and enclosed sides.

Pots that do not allow for proper drainage may result in your plant’s death. The best types of pots are those that hold water but drain well.

Clay planters

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Clay planters are fantastic for this purpose. They can retain water without becoming too heavy or causing root rot to set in. If the container is placed on top of its own saucer, it will help to prevent any holes from being broken into. It is also a good idea to choose a pot that allows the planting medium to be relatively easy to remove and replace when watering is required.

Vintage planters

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Vintage planters often have an interesting history behind them which you probably want to keep if they have been passed down through generations or made by hand using some sort of wonderful craftsmanship. A large variety of quality planters can be found online or at antique stores. When choosing a pot, it is usually best to get one that has plenty of depth and width to it. Tall planters are typically viewed as silly since the point is to show off your plants.

Pottery Planters

You can purchase pots for plants that are intricate and unique. Many people choose to use them in their houses instead of flowers because they are very decorative. Clay pots are often used when planting succulent plants or cacti because they require little water. They make great choices for houses with tight watering restrictions too! Wooden planters are also available in all sizes, shapes, styles, colors, materials, sizes, and designs.

Wooden planters

Wooden planters are an amazing addition to any garden because they can be personalized with different types of paint, stains, designs, or even carvings.

Self-Watering Planters

Self-watering planters are pots that hold water at the bottom while leaving space right above it for your plant’s soil. The elevated position allows the plant to draw in water as it needs it while preventing root rot caused by standing water. Self-watering containers typically have a false bottom or drain holes on the side which allow excess water to leave the pot when needed. It is good practice to pour out excess standing water every week until you know how much will actually get used by your plants.

Planters for succulents

The best-sized pots for succulents are usually small or tiny ones. You should never use large pots for small plants since they will often wilt from being overwatered.

These planters have been made from many different materials throughout history. Wood planters can be carved into animals or painted with bright paints so you can really customize it however you want to! Ceramic pots are another popular choice especially if you want a pot for a garden indoors.


The types of planters you use in your garden can have a big impact on the overall look and feel. If you’re struggling with finding the perfect type, consider what aesthetics matter to you most when making this decision. Do you want something that is low maintenance? Is durability important to you? How about how easy it is to move around or store away for winter if necessary? Consider these questions before deciding which type of pot will work best for your needs and wants. Â We hope we’ve helped!

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