Dog-Friendly Garden Design Ideas

8 Things To Do For Your Dog's Garden Fun

Your pooch deserves to have garden fun every day when you have a backyard garden. All you need to do is renovate your garden with a dog-friendly landscape. Why not make an outdoor with great garden ideas, where your dog will stay well-exercised, happy and also safe.

All dog-owners dream that their dogs will play around the backyard happily. However, you as a dog-owner have to put some thought about what measures you will do for your pups. Make sure whatever you will include in your garden, he/she will love or need.

1. Fresh Water Flows To Boost Garden Fun

8 Things To Do For Your Dog's Garden Fun
8 Things To Do For Your Dog’s Garden Fun

For dogs to have fun in the garden, keeping plenty of easy to access fresh water system is very important. Use this opportunity to build a water feature into your backyard like, stream, splash fountain, etc. You will also enjoy it.

You can also add a swimming pool or small pond if your dog loves to play in the water. But, ensure that your dogs can come out of it easily if they jump into it. Include shallow steps or sloping side.

2. Safety First Before Garden Fun

To let them have unlimited garden fun, it is best to build boundaries. These little pups love to jump all over the garden, and sometimes it risks their life. Don’t make too small boundaries. Make the boundaries little big so that they stay safe while being happy.

Choose the boundaries wisely. It should be sturdy and also complication free. Make sure your curious friend doesn’t get stuck in the fences for being too curious.

3. Shade & Shelter

Dogs also get sunburn and can suffer a heat stroke. If you have plenty of trees in your backyard, then it will give much essential shade when they play around. If there are very few trees, you can add shade cloths, overhead tarps strategically. You can place a doghouse if there is someplace for it.

4. Keep Landscape Toxin Free

8 Things To Do For Your Dog's Garden Fun
8 Things To Do For Your Dog’s Garden Fun

For your dogs, some garden plants can be very toxic if they curiously munch on these plants. Azaleas, mums, and lilies are such plants that you better not have in your garden if you have a dog or planning to adopt one. Apart from that, the chemical controls, as well as landscape materials, can also create problems. Stay away from cocoa mulch as it will be bad for them just like chocolate.

5. Place To Play

If your dogs get tired after running up and down, jumping all over, then it is a good healthy dog. The bored and unexercised ones are not, and they usually look for trouble. An impressive amount of space is what your dog needs, and you will have to encounter fewer problems. Your dog must have garden fun.

6. Add Paths

Adding some paths where your wolf-descendent can patrol and prowl, can be super fun for them and for you also.

7. Comfortable Materials

Whatever materials you include in your backyard landscape, shouldn’t become too hot under the sun. Ensure that your dogs can walk on it easily and it doesn’t get attached to their feet as well as fur. Smooth rocks, bricks, pebbles, etc. are good choices.

8. Add Some Curious Feature For Your Pooch’s Garden Fun

Add some exciting features in your garden if your dog is curious. He/she may like to survey that personal kingdom of his/her sitting around it. You can even create a play area for garden fun of your dogs.

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