Easily Applicable Ways To Start Your Aquascape Skimmers

Aquascape Skimmer

Aquascape skimmers are there to be easy and affordable to maintain. In order to do so, it is a good idea to choose one that has an easy to follow manual. Most skimmers are relatively easy to install and use, but do require the proper cleaning products. If your system doesn’t equip with an automatic filter, you should ensure that all of the skimmer filters are cleaned out and replaced regularly.

You need to change Skimmers generally on a regular basis to ensure the water in your aquarium is as clean as possible. These devices are from plastic or stainless steel and come in two different varieties. The first variety is the “normal” skimmer, which uses a standard tap water pump to draw water into the body of the skimmer.

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The second type, the “large-capacity” skimmer comes with a larger pump. And a pump extension to allow for more water to be moved through the body of the skimmer. The normal and large capacity skimmers provide a larger and more visible filtering area than their smaller counterparts. It is able to filter more water than a smaller sized skimmer.

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Easily Applicable Ways To Start Your Aquascape Skimmer

You should ensure that both of these types of skimmers are in service to ensure that the filter cartridge remains in good condition. Many of these units also offer a self-cleaning mechanism. It allows the cartridges to not be in the skimmer and be back into the unit. However, if the filter cartridge is not properly, you may find that it is necessary to purchase replacement cartridges. This is especially important when using the filter cartridge in conjunction with an automatic filter in order to ensure that the correct amount of water is being filtered.

If you do not have the ability to replace a skimmer cartridge, you can usually purchase a new one on the Internet. A few sites will sell replacement filters at reasonable prices, and these can often be bought on eBay. Alternatively, you can find a number of websites that sell the original cartridges. And then replace them with a new filter for a relatively low price.

Aquascape Skimmers To-Dos

If you have an extremely large aquarium, you should ensure that the large capacity skimmer cartridge is serviced regularly. The filter will typically require the use of a filter cleaning brush attachment in order to remove debris. The filter brushes are available from any standard aquarium supply store. And are generally available in a range of sizes, including a single size filter brush to cover a wide area of the aquarium. Cleaning the brush will ensure that you clean out all of the built-up debris that clogs the filter.

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Easily Applicable Ways To Start Your Aquascape Skimmer

When servicing the filter, it is important to ensure that you completely remove the skimmer from the water. And allow the skimmer to dry off completely before attempting to clean the filter cartridge. Any dirt or debris that has accumulated in the skimmer tank. And remains inside the filter cartridge will need to be cleaned off using a solution of warm water and ammonia. The solution should be applicable over the entire filter. Allow it to sit for approximate twenty-five minutes before.


The filter goes back to the aquarium. And the filter assembly goes for inspection for leaks and cracks that may need repair. If it needs repairs, you will need to contact the manufacturer directly. And ensure that they know how to correct the problem. In most cases, the Aquaris Aquascape Aquaskimmer filter will last for several years. And be able to provide quality water for your fish.

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