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Easy Guide To Plant Your Own Herb Garden

Easy Guide To Plant Your Own Herb Garden

Herb gardens are simple and easy to cultivate when provided with adequate sunlight and quality drained soil. These gardens bring flavor to your food, save money and time, and give you the joy of cultivating your garden. Armed with right materials, pots, and plan you can easily grow, harvest, and maintain a herb garden. Let’s go through this mini-guide and learn the ropes of herb gardening. 

Easy Guide To Plant Your Own Herb Garden
Easy Guide To Plant Your Own Herb Garden

Picking Up Right Pots

Pots can be easily placed in the window sills of your kitchen.  This allows you to grab fresh herbs while cooking without having to venture outside into the yard. Again pots can be shifted to convenient places like a deck, porch, kitchen counter, etc.

Pots and planters come in a variety of materials like ceramic, clay, wood, metal, etc. As long as they provide proper drainage to the soil, you can opt for any planter. Many pots and planters come with bottoms with holes to facilitate enough drainage. Containers like mason jars look pretty but with improper drainage can cause the root to rot.

Select the size of the planter in accordance with the size of the plant you wish to cultivate. A plant will waste excess energy to spread the roots in a large pot while a small pot will make your herbs root-bounded.

Select The Right Herbs

If you are cultivating herbs for the first time, opt for herbs that can be frequently harvested.

Basil can easily thrive in a sunny location and fertile well-watered soil. Mint grows profoundly. It can survive in shade, but it blooms well in sunlight. Oregano requires a good amount of sunshine and drainage. It is a perennial herb and needs to be shifted indoors during winter. Flat-leaved parsley has more flavor than the curly-leaved one. It grows well in moist and well-drained soil. You can place it in partly shaded locations. Thyme also requires well-drained soil along with full exposure to sunlight. It needs comparatively less water than others. Rosemary has aromatic leaves and thrives well in moist soil with a considerable amount of sunlight. It needs to be taken indoors during winter months.

Easy Guide To Plant Your Own Herb Garden

Easy Guide To Plant Your Own Herb Garden

Ditch The Seeds

If you are a beginner and have no experience with gardening than go for starter plants. Opting for starter plants over seeds gives you immediate access to herbs and also increases the chance of successful harvest. Cultivating plants or herbs directly from seeds can be more difficult and strenuous for novices.

Get Right Type Of Soil

Choose potting soil over garden soil. Garden soil is dense in texture and traps moisture while potting soil is porous and light. Water can easily drain out from potting soil when compared to its counterpart and is more suitable for herb gardening.

Care And Harvest

Constant care and nurturing promises good health of plants. You need to water your herbs regularly to help them flourish. Prime and harvest them often to initiate new growth and achieve thicker foliage.  Different herbs need different type of care. Understanding requirements of each plant and attending them accordingly ccan increase their longitivity.

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