Easy Vegetable Gardening Ideas For Small Backyards

vegetable gardening ideas for small backyards

Many people like to make a garden at home. However, sometimes people are unable to do it due to a lack of information sometimes. With a little effort, you can create a good garden even in less space, in which you can grow all the fruits and vegetables from ornamental flowers. Along with your health, it can also contribute to the protection of the environment. If you love greenery and you want to be small but your garden, then it is definitely possible.

Despite the lack of space, you can make better terraces or kitchen gardens. Gardening here, you can plant ornamental plants and flowers as well as fruits and vegetables. You can also spread greenery in terraces, balconies, windows or living rooms, or small lawns. Let’s know about gardening tips.


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Warm tropical climate is best suited for green chilies. If you do not live in such a climate, for good results, you will have to resort to indoor or greenhouse. Green chili plants require a sufficient amount of heat. So while planting green chili plants, take special care that they get full sunlight. Do not plant plants at all places where the temperature of the night goes below 15 degrees—plant chili plants in fertile soil. If you are planting the plant in a pot, then definitely use organic compost. Chilli seeds need to be put at least 3 inches down in the ground. When the plant comes out of the ground, remove it from here and plant it on the pot or any suitable ground.


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To grow a tomato plant, first, choose a place where there is enough sunlight. Actually, the tomato plant needs at least 8 to 10 hours of sunlight in a day. Choose as big a flowerpot as possible. The tomato plant needs a lot of nutrients, so it becomes necessary that there is enough soil in the pot. You will have to make arrangements to increase soil nutrients from time to time. You put the biodiggable kitchen vest in this pot. You remove the seeds from a tomato. After that, take some paper cups and fill them with one inch of pottery soil. Then add tomato seeds. Then cover the seeds with soil from above.

Sprinkle water on paperless for a few days. After a few days, you will see sprouts coming up. When the length of the seedling is about one inch, then cut the paper cup and plant the plant in a pot. Plant only one plant in a pot. The soil should be slightly moist but not too wet. When the plants start growing, give them the support of the wood. Otherwise, they will bow down with the burden of fruits. Water the plant daily.


coriander is a small plant of 6-10 inches; it is also very easy to plant and take care of. Take a wide flowerpot or first weed in the ground and fill it with clean soil; adding cow dung or organic manure is better. After filling this soil in the pot, add water and moisten it. Now spread the coriander seeds. These seeds should be about 6-8 inches away from each other. Now lay 0.5-1 cm layer of soil in the entire pot. Coriander plants should be watered evenly, but keep in mind that they should be watered so that the moisture remains but does not get wet. Spray water with a spray bottle. In 7-10 days, seedlings will start growing.


If you have a small area in your backyard, you can grow these plants.You do not need a huge space for them to grow properly.

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