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What Is Exactly, The Desert Botanical Garden?

We all know what a garden is and how it features people. Be it any Garden like A Playground For small toddlers or be it a soft and calm face for old age people. Some gardens are meant only for Doing yoga or exercises. The Desert Botanical Garden is a bit different from the other gardens, as the name in the title says BOTANICAL, meaning having a lot of different kinds of plants may be religious, or of any other importance. But where is the great Desert Botanical Gardens exactly situated?. The beautiful desert botanical garden is one forty-acre botanical garden located in Papago Park at Galvin Parkway in Phoenix in central Arizona.


A close up of a flower

No doubt all the gardens are very much helpful to not human beings but to all and every living organism on our Mother Earth.  But talking about this great botanical garden, there are around fifty thousand plants all with different varieties and all being very much health benefits to human beings. 

There are around four thousand three hundred and forty different species of plants meaning all these various species are completely different from each other in all aspects. But from where do so many various species and different kinds of amazing useful plants are placed here? 

The plants here in the desert botanical garden are collected from great continents like Australia, Bala California,  and South America. Not all the plants in the desert botanical garden are inspired by the mentioned countries,  there are also plants Grown there.

Health-related Facts About The Desert Botanical Garden

A close up of a flower

The main difference between a normal local garden and a Botanical Garden is that a botanical garden is generally a well-kept garden or a park which contains many different variants and kinds of plant labeled with their botanical name. 

A Botanical name also scientifically called Binomial Nomenclature usually refers to the scientific name of the plant which mentions the Genus and The species of a particular kind of plant. 

The plants are such as Cacti (Cactus), herb garden, plants of certain parts of the world. And we all the know-how much health benefits these herbs and shrubs are to human beings. They represent their contribution to Ayurveda medicines.


A plant is a natural medicine that has the power to treat almost all the problems or the body is functioning in human beings.  So let’s take all the benefits from our nature and turn ourselves as pure and kind as our sweet Nature. Let’s explore The Great Botanical Garden in Phoenix!

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