Finding Backyard Gardening Magazines

backyard gardening magazines

There are a lot of backyard gardening magazines in print. The great thing about the many garden publications on the market is that they offer tips and ideas, along with full-color photographs. Gardening is a popular hobby for many people, but it can take a lot of work to keep a garden up and running. A backyard garden can help anyone get more from their yard, by providing a relaxing place to spend time.

Many backyard gardening magazines offer advertisements from local wineries, vineyards and nurseries. These businesses provide information about growing vegetables, fruits, flowers and other items. They may also have a few plant choices for those who are interested in an ethnic design. Gardening can be a lot of work, but having beautiful plants and flowers in one’s backyard is a pleasant sight. Gardeners have a wide variety of plants to choose from, and they have the opportunity to grow them in any area of their yard. If a person has a greenhouse or arbor shed, then it will be easier to create a garden.

An Overview

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One of the most important backyard gardening magazines is “Green Gardener”. This is published by Pheasant Press, a division of Cornell University. It is sold at most supermarkets and has a large circulation. The issues of this quarterly magazine contain everything a backyard gardener needs to know, including practical suggestions, tips on planting, decorating, landscape design and even recipes. There are so many issues available that it is easy to find the ones that interest you. Some of the special features of this magazine include an informative flower section, a vegetable garden section and gardening articles.

Another popular backyard gardening magazines is “Soil Management”. This is published by Cornell University Extension. It contains a large section on soil management, from deciding what kind of garden to plant to the actual process of planting. The magazine can be used as a handbook on proper soil management techniques. This is a great publication for those who want to understand and manage their garden soil.

Backyard Gardening Magazine

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One of the newest backyard gardening magazines is “Garden Design & Plan” from Garden Design Concepts. This is a full color monthly magazine. It includes over forty pages of plant information, articles on landscaping, vegetable gardening, fruit and vegetable gardening and a section on backyard gardening ideas. The magazine can be used as a manual on how to maintain a garden or as a manual on how to plan a garden. If a person is not sure how to garden, they may want to purchase a copy of this magazine.

An interesting feature of some backyard gardening magazines is the gardening sections. Many of these have weekly sections devoted to new ideas and suggestions. These can be very helpful in planning the garden. A garden is usually a work in progress, so these sections are a great place to get some feedback. Some other backyard gardening magazines have gardening contests annually or bi-annually.

Some backyard gardening enthusiasts enjoy collecting different types of magazines. They like to collect old gardening publications and possibly trade some of them in for newer publications. Others enjoy spending their free time reading a good book about gardening. In fact, there are many books on the market today that are focused on backyard gardening. One of these books, “Gardening: A DIY Guide”, by Sue Tompkins, can be purchased at any garden shop or on the Internet. This is a great book to read because it not only gives useful tips for gardening, but also includes a background on gardening and its history.

Bottom Line

Backyard gardening is not only fun but also relaxing. There is nothing quite like working in the garden after a long day at work. By reading up on new backyard gardening ideas, one can create a wonderful garden for their home. One can also find backyard gardening magazines online to keep up with the latest trends in backyard gardening.

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