Five Types Of Garden Tools To Buy -

Five Types Of Garden Tools To Buy

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Having a lawn or a garden in your house is like having your own little park. But whether little or big, your garden does require maintenance and care. There are different types of garden tools and each is meant for different functions. In this article, we are going to discuss these tools. 

Watering Can

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A good gardener knows how important it is to water your plants twice a day – once in the morning and once in the afternoon. If you water your plants using a mug or pipe, the heavy flow of water harms the growing little leaves and flowers, but this is not the case with watering cans. Because from a watering can, water comes out in such a manner that is helpful to remove dust from leaves and flowers. You can water your plants efficiently without causing any harm. So a watering can is one of the most important types of garden tools that a gardener must-have.


Shovels are another important types of garden tools that a gardener must-have. Shovels have a long handle and a little curved metal blade at the front of them. Shovels are basically used to dig pits, soften soil by lifting, and removing granular materials like stones, gravels, grains or snow etc. 

Garden Trowel

Another one among the most important types of garden tools is a garden trowel. Garden trowels are hand tools with a wooden handle and a curved and sharp metal made front. Garden trowels are used to dig pits to sow seeds or to transplant seedlings and also to make soil softer by removing little granular materials like small stones. You will need this tool every time you get new saplings to plant.  


One of the most important types of garden tools is a rake. Rakes have more than ten toothed bars at the front making almost a right angle with the long handle of rakes. At least once a week you have to clean up your garden and this is when you will need a rake. With a rake, it becomes easy to collect the dry leaves, long grasses, other unnecessary things, and to make your garden look neat and clean. 

Hedge Shears

You could be familiar with hedge shears. Hedge shears are the mighty, sharp scissors that every gardener has. Hedge shears are one of the most important types of garden tools that are needed for trimming leaves, unnecessary or dead branches (that are non-woody) of the growing plants. You need to be careful while using hedge shear as they are very sharp.  

Bottom Lines

So from this article, you came to know about some of the important types of garden tools, their structure and their uses as well. We hope with these different types of garden tools you will be able to take care of your garden in an efficient manner!

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