Flower Garden: Bring Your Garden To Life

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A garden is not only a location to cultivate plants. It also includes the elements surrounding the garden. Flowers that complement the garden help bring the garden to life.

Colored Plants

Amid all the brilliant colors in nature, some plants stand out for their color, size, and shape. Some can even make a place appear more beautiful than it is. Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers that enhance any garden. Other plants that complement the garden are lavender, zinnias, pampas grass, and crabapples.

Flowers may bring beauty to the garden, but that beauty needs to be maintained. Flowers need not be nurtured. Many flowers die after the first few days of blooming. It’s best to keep these blooms near a window. But, when the time has come to remove the flowers, the window must not be allowed to dry out.

Flower Garden: Bring Your Garden To Life
Flower Garden: Bring Your Garden To Life

Flowering Plants

Leaving the flowers on the plant until they bloom is just as bad as not caring for them. During the winter, it’s a good idea to move them to the back of the house and move the plant from the sun during the day. Never turn the leaves on the flower too soon, or you will start the plant on a steep curve.

This type of flower may look great during the spring, but placing the new growth on the window sill will spoil the appearance. Any new growth that is placed on the sill should be allowed to stand on its own for three to four weeks.

If the blooms should die during the winter, some flowers survive. Chrysanthemums can withstand the cold and provide a beautiful bloom throughout the winter. Then, the plant can be moved to the south or north sides of the house, where the weather is more conducive to growing the plant.

Flower Garden: Bring Your Garden To Life
Flower Garden: Bring Your Garden To Life

Exposing To Warmth

One way to help these blossoms endure the winter is to expose them to the warmth of a window when they are only three or four days old. The leaves will be moist and soft when the young plant is exposed to the sunshine.

They will grow larger and produce an even greater amount of flowers when their roots have access to the natural heat of the summer sun. They may be placed in the south of the home if the rooms are only opened on the south or west side.

The seasons change, and so do the plants. It’s a good idea to know which flowers may bloom during the hot summer months. The watering instructions should be followed closely.

Any flower that has been established may flower again if the conditions are right. When the plant is young, the heat of the day may cause the plant to be watered too often.

Flower Garden: Bring Your Garden To Life
Flower Garden: Bring Your Garden To Life

Bottom Line

Once the flower has established itself, it will be susceptible to morning dew, which has a detrimental effect on the plants. During the day, the plants need to be provided with shade. Watering is essential and the temperature should be close to freezing when the lights are turned off.

If there is not enough sunlight to support the flower, the plant will bloom at night. And, it will begin to show signs of stress. This means that the plant needs to be removed and replanted.

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