Four Plant Ideas For Your Outdoor Herb Garden

A close up of a flower

Having an Outdoor Herb Garden of own is a hobby of many. It is one of the healthy activities that not only help you in passing time but also make your own supply of herbs. In case, your area is short and you are looking for some planting ideas to start with, you must consider the herbs. Thus, you can grow your own herbs and use them in your cooking any time you want. Here are some herb plants ideas for your home garden.

  1. Basil
A close up of a green plant

Basil is one of the most important herbs that you can plant in your Outdoor Herb Garden. Basil has many therapeutic benefits and can be used in various drinks, recipies and DIY medicines. These herbs can be grown anywhere and they require very less maintenance. Sufficient water and temperate water is enough to keep them flourishing. You can even add these basil leaves to your minty refreshments. You can also make a paste and use it for your recipies. You can also use basil leaves for garnishing. Again, you can dry out the leaves and use them as Organos. 

  1. Mint
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Another plan idea for your Outdoor Herb Garden is Mint. This is the ultimate hern that adds an exotic flavour to any boring dish. Whether you’re making a refreshing beverage or preparing a tangy dish, mint turns out to be the ultimate herb item that enhances the flavour to a great extent. You can plan a min in your own little garden with less maintaining activities. 

  1. Turmeric

Another herb for your Outdoor Herb Garden is Turmeric. It is one of the highly useful herbs that have a varied role to play when it comes to preparing dishes, spices, herbs and flavourings. Turmeric is replete with healthful elements. From consuming raw to adding them to dishes to enhance the flavour and healthful benefits- turmeric can be considered as a highly nutritive herb item. You can grow this herb in your own garden without any hassle. These perfect for a smaller range garden. By growing them at your place, you can have a good supply of turmeric. 

  1. Bay Leaves

Another great idea for your Outdoor Herb Garden. It is one of the best cooking hern and spice to grow at your place. This is perfect for a small range garden with limited scope. It has many therapeutic benefits. You can also add this to your cooking to enhance the favour of the dish. It has a unique fragrance that enhances the appetizing quality of the meal. 

Wrapping Up

Apart from these herbs, you also grow other herbs for your Outdoor Herb Garden. Maintaining a herb garden is very easy. All you need is the right equipment and sufficient interest in gardening. You do not have to pro a gardener, all your need is dedication and patience. Moreover, these plants require very maintains and thus, by planing them in your herb garden, you can save a lot of effort.

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