Gardening Hand Tools For Success

gardening hand tools

Gardening by necessity involves the use of gardening hand tools, so purchasing these is always a good idea. Hand gardening tools make up the heart and soul of gardening; they never go out of style and always will. Unless you’re cultivating and planting acres of untamed wilderness, you’ll likely be using gardening tools pretty heavily and both used and new gardening tools alike are both useful. So whether you’re starting out a new garden, working in an area with limited space, or simply using your gardening toolbox on a regular basis, here’s a list of the most important hand tools to own for a thriving garden.

Of course, among the most fundamental gardening hand tools, every gardener needs are the spade and trowel. These items are essential for digging up and transporting soil and are made of lightweight aluminum and plastic. Spades and trowels, when paired with a shovel, become an invaluable tool for cultivating nearly everything from sunflowers to garlic to broccoli. For those who like to till their land a little more, a round-nosed shovel can help with those chores as well.

Gardening Hand Tools

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The best gardening hand tools come in many shapes and sizes, and each tool serves a purpose in a certain situation. For example, the wheelbarrow is a smaller version of the spade but can be used in much the same way. A wheelbarrow may also be used as a trundler or for digging up potatoes and onions.

Of course, among the best gardening hand tools, perhaps the best and most necessary are the shovel and trowel. These two tools can be combined in countless ways depending on the gardening project at hand, but there are a few essentials that remain unbroken universal. The shovel, when used in conjunction with a wheelbarrow or some other sort of handle, can turn even the most uncoordinated gardener into a master of the landscape.

Just as important as it is to choose the proper tools for the job, proper care of these tools is just as important. This is why the bucket and spade are part of the essential garden tools. The bucket can be used to haul away large amounts of dirt, the spade can be used to dig up roots and unwanted weeds, and the trowel can be used to mix soil, move soil, and basically smooth out the rough edges of a plot. All three of these tools can go by many different names, but they all serve the same purpose, which is to turn up the garden dirt.

A Much Ado

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Other gardening tools include rakes and spades. Rakes can be used to turn the soil, move soil, and gather plant debris. A spade can be used to dig up plants and pull weeds. They’re simple yet effective tools, especially if you’ve got children around who want to help. It’s also a good idea to have one of these tools on hand when you have a friend over to help.

When using garden trowels, you want to use the right kind of tool for the job. If you’re using an aluminum blade trowel, you’ll need to get an aluminum grip handle so that the trowel will have a firm grip. A plastic or composite grip handle would be a better option if you’re not concerned about your hands getting covered in grass or dirt while using the trowel.

Bottom Line

Gardening hand tools aren’t the only tools you’ll need to keep your plants healthy. Of course, you’ll need a shovel, a spade, a hoe, and a cultivator to help you dig up weeds and put nutrients back into the soil. In fact, if you don’t have any of these tools in your home, a quick trip to the local home store should be enough to get you started. Once you have the basics in place, you can start experimenting with new plants, growing your own food, and creating the garden of your dreams.

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