Top 10 Essential Garden Tools List In USA

gardening tools

Gardening is a lovely hobby! It is soothing, productive, self-healing, and good for the soul. It helps you connect with nature and also feels relaxing. If you have some space in your backyard or in your garden and you would like to start with your own herbs garden or flower garden, then you need to first buy some essential gardening tools. Here is a list of the essential garden tools in the USA.

gardening tools list
Gardening Tools List

Essential Gardening Tools List


You can choose between galvanized or hard plastic wheelbarrows for your gardening. It should be a strong and yet light-weight equipment that will help you transport the debris, plants, manure or other such items. You can also try a water carrying bag for a wheelbarrow as they allow you to transport water without spilling.


A dibber is a useful gardening tool that you be needing for making holes for seeds, seedlings and bulbs. You get oak timber dibbers as well as stainless steel ones. The timber ones have calibrated rings that indicate depth of planting.

Digging Spade

A digging spade  is a must in every gardening tools list. The best one to use is a stainless steel variety as the regular ones rust easily. The soil tends to stick on the diggers making them dirty, but in the stainless steel ones, this problem does not arise. 

Garden Trowel

This is a handy tool that helps you remove all the weeds or separate the soil for planting. You should get a good trowel with a comfortable handle with a sharp blade that won’t come off loose after some time. It is best to go in for a timber handle and a stainless steel blade that feels comfortable to hold.

 Fork Hoe

Just like a trowel, a fork is a cornerstone of any gardens tools list. A good and sharp fork hoe work better than a trowel as it gives more leverage making digging easier and effort-free. Get a good fork that breaks up the soil quickly with less effort.

Garden Knife

This is also a useful tool as it helps you cut strings, sticks and flowers that are not in use. It can be used to trim fruits and vegetable plants as well. You should have a garden knife in your hand or pocket while gardening as it enables you to groom the plants and remove unwanted leaves, flowers or sticks. Get one with a sharp blade and a wooden handle.

Garden Secateurs

Garden secateurs help in constant maintenance and care of your gardens. It is an essential tool for pruning tasks. The best ones are from Classic Felco no4 as they are affordable and built to last.

essential gardening tools
Essential Gardening Tools

 Heavy Duty Hoe

A heavy-duty garden hoe is ideal for breaking new ground and works better than a spade or a shovel. It’s the blade is set at a right angle that allows easy handling with less effort.

 Golden Gark

This is a multipurpose garden tool that can be used as a rake, shovel and a soil sift. It is lightweight and ideal for clearing up weeds and leaves.

Oscillating Hoe

This is also a good garden tool that comes with a swivel head and a long-handled garden hoe. It allows you to hoe a complete raised surface from its position.

These are some gardening tools that are essential for a new gardener or even a professional gardener. These are some of the top tools required for gardening in the USA.

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