Grafting Supplies And Tools

The best method of ensuring plant production, gardeners, has several tricks, and grafting is one of them. For example, you can see grafted flowers are more resilient and beautiful than normally growing herbs. This happens because they have the best genes of the individual fussed plant, and to undertake this process, you need specialized tools. To enhance the chance of success, you need to graft the plant neatly and need the best grafting supplies and tools to achieve it.

Grafting Supplies And Tools
Grafting Supplies And Tools

Grafting Knife With Bark Lifter

To peel back the bark of citrus neatly, you can use this bark lifter tool with the grafting knife. You can use the versatile with curved blade Victorinox bark lifter to graft the delicate bark of citrus trees. With the other bark lifter, you can graft the less fragile bark, but the Victorinox bark lifter tool is the best option. Moreover, you can fold the blade into the handle and keep it into your pocket.

Pruning Saw

To have a beautiful lean cut, you can use this pruning saw, which is foldable in the handle. Otherwise, heavy-duty hand pruners can solve your problems.

Safety Glove

Grafting Supplies And Tools
Grafting Supplies And Tools

To protect hands from the cut while grafting, you can use protective gloves, but it will be better to use sharp grafting knives to avoid slips.

Buddy Tape

To save labor, you can use the buddy tapes, which are commonly used by citrus nurseries. Though it is an expensive product, it sticks well and holds the grafts secular films buddy tape has no paper between the layer on the roll, and it helps to grow citrus bud quickly through a single layer.


For cleft grafting citrus, bark grafting citrus, or chip grafting citrus, you can use this ½-inch parafilm. To get a good seal, it is important to pull it gently while wrapping.

Laboratory Parafilm

This parafilm stretches very quickly and are commonly used in chemistry laboratories. You can use this parafilm for grafting citrus with the Z-graft. You have to cut the film into a suitable size for grafting and peeling off the paper because the film is sticky on the roll. Moreover, you can use a one-inch parafilm for grafting a large diameter branch of a citrus tree.

Vinyl Grafting Tape

For t-budding citrus and patch budding citrus trees, you can use this vinyl grafting tape, which stretches a bit but much harder to break compared to parafilm. This tape is useful for trees that require tight wrapping.

Plants Labels

To label the grafting of the tree, you can use these aluminum tags to write with a ballpoint pen. Some tickets are ink wash off, but the impression of the ballpoint pen is readable for many years. Moreover, you can reuse the aluminum tags if somehow the grafting fails.

Plant Training Wire

Grafting Supplies And Tools
Grafting Supplies And Tools

You can use this plastic coated wire for tagging the newly graft trees, and for attaching labels to large diameter branches.

Clorox Clean-Up

To kill the pathogen that harms a citrus tree, you can use this chlorine bleach at a concentration above 1.5%. You can also disinfect the grafting and pruning tools with the help of this Clorox Clean-Up.

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