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Herb Gardens For Urban Houses

Herb Gardens For Urban Houses

Having a garden is a dream for many people, but few can make it a reality in today’s houses. Traditionally, houses used to have large front yards and backyards where you could plant your favorite flower, herbs, and trees. And now, most people limit their longing for a garden with box plants and small indoor shrubs. But with a little knowledge of placements, arranging, and front yard landscaping ideas, you can utilize the small space you have to the fullest. Urban gardening can be hard, but if you add in some effort, you can have your own herb gardens.

Herb Gardens For Urban Houses
Herb Gardens For Urban Houses

Growing your own fresh fruits and vegetables can have rewarding results. For one, it is organic and healthy, something that people have been choosing more and moreover the years. If you do not have enough space for vegetables, you can grow herbs. Fresh herbs are a delight to add to your food. You can microwave them and store it for later use or give it out as presents. To grow herbs, you can either use pots or use mason jars and other containers you find around your home. There are a few things to keep in mind while picking what herbs to plant, and this article is here to help.

Best Herbs To Grow In Your Herb Gardens-

Mint is multi-functional and easy to grow in places that don’t get a lot of sun throughout the day. It grows very quickly, and you will also need to water it regularly and place them in separate jars. There are a lot of different varieties of mint to pick from, and all of them have slightly varying uses. Some are good for teas and you can cook the others.
Basil grows great in warm weather, but take care not to water it too much or it will wither. Corianders are spring herbs and flowers very quickly and the seeds are delicious to eat.

Herb Gardens For Urban Houses
Herb Gardens For Urban Houses
  • You can plant Parsley in your window boxes and take care of it over time because it is slow to grow.
  • These are some of the easiest herbs to grow in containers, so get your jar and start planting.
  • Choosing The Right Pots, Soils, And Spacing For Your Herb Garden-
  • Before you plant a herb, choosing the right pot is an important step. Ceramic pots or containers will hold more water, so it is better for herbs that need more humidity. It should have a drip hole so it does not get over-watered either.
  • The soil you use to plant your herbs should have enough nutrients in them or it will be difficult to grow anything in them at all. You can add some potting soil and use your everyday degradable kitchen waste as compost.
  • Often in window boxes, the herbs get crowded and the dense shrub can stop parts of it from getting proper sunlight and nutrients.
  • Buying Herb Seeds And Saplings
  • You can order your herb seeds online or buy from the nursery near your home. The advantage of getting it from a nursery is that you can ask for tips and advice for growing the plants.
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