How Should You Sharpen Gardening Tools

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Everything sharp turns blunt over time. This saying is true in all areas of life, if you don’t sharpen something regularly It will lose its spark, same is with gardening tools from shears to garden cutters everything turns blunt and needs some sharpening at times. Sharpening is an essential task in maintaining a tool’s health, especially after busy and heavy seasons. It is very simple to sharpen your tools with regular tools and discipline


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Pruning and Hedge shears follow a similar mechanism, Two blades using scissor action to help you cut down twigs, stems, and branches.  Blades are efficient because of the angle they run through which you should keep in mind while sharpening. you just need a basic mill file to sharpen them, First check if the nut is tight then push the mill file over the blade in a long stroke and make sure your strokes are even, after 3-4 strokes check whether the edge is uniform and if not then change the angle at which you are holding file and in case of pruning shears only sharpen the blade with bevel the other one is for cutting only.

Mower blade

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A mower is more efficient if its blades are sharp and also good for your grass giving it a uniform touch without tearing it. The tricky part in sharpening the mowing blade is removing the blade from the mower safely, always color or spray your blade before removing it so that you can attach it the right way and sharpen the right side of the blade. Using a vice and mill file smoothen out the blade, make sure that you do not make it too sharp because sharper it is faster it will dull down, try to keep match levels of a butter knife.


Most people ignore this tool when it comes to sharpening but it makes your digging game easier and saves you a lot of time. A dull shovel will also dig but a sharpened one reduces the effort on your end. To sharpen a shovel, Hold it in a wise and use a long file to sharpen the blade, make sure you go with the angle. You should divide the shovel from its head into 2 sides and file both each. If your shovel is a flat end one then it won’t need much sharpening.


The best method to sharpen your regular knives is to use a whetstone. First soak it in water then with the coarse grain side of it sharpen the knife using constant pressure and to get a fine edge, repeat the process with the fine grain side of the Wheatstone. Most knives need to be sharpened on both sides unless it has a beveled side then only sharpen that side. You can also use diamond stone for this process.


You can easily sharpen your tools at home with help of some basic tools which are a one-time investment because gardening tools need to be sharpened regularly. Make sure that you always remove any rust from the surface of the blade using a wire brush before sharpening and spray a lubricant like WD-40  for a smooth process.

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