How To Add Plants To A Garden Pond -

How To Add Plants To A Garden Pond

Water Plants For Beautifying Water Bodies

Water plants are considered a great way of enhancing different water features. They are also known as aquatic plants, and you can find them matching different features like multi-level streams, expansive ponds, and tabletop fountains. The type of plant that will perfectly suit your landscape will depend on your requirements and the growing characteristics of the plant.

However, some essential points that you need to consider in this respect are mature size, growth habit, shade or sun requirements, and planting conditions. The different varieties of these shrubs and trees can further be refined by use and characteristics. The positioning of their leaves and roots define their grouping. With this in mind, the different varieties that you will find are:

Water Plants For Beautifying Water Bodies
Water Plants For Beautifying Water Bodies


These are plants that do not remain attached to the bottom of the water. However, they come with roots that absorb water. You can find them in salt and fresh water. Their leaves are firm, and at the same time, they remain flat for absorbing more sunlight. Some common examples of these plants are lilies like banana lily and water lily and water hyacinth.

Marginal Water Plants

These are varieties that have the potential of living in up to 6 inches of water over their crowns. They are ideal for edges of streams and ponds. Only some varieties of these plants can bloom full-fledged while the others do not. These are plants that help in adding interest and character to water features in a garden. They are called marginal plants because they can serve as beautiful additions to margins of streams and ponds. The Aquatic Iris is a popular marginal plant that comes in different colors, sizes, and varieties. It blooms in spring till early summer and grows in part shade to full sun.

Submerged Plants

The submerged varieties grow under water. These are fast growers that offer good coverage for snails, fish, and other water creatures. Hornwort is a submerged plant variety that you should consider for the aquatic features in your garden. This is an extremely popular submerged plant variety. It has been the go-to aquatic plant for pond owners because of its hardiness and oxygenating properties. Almost any individual can grow this shrub easily and this also goes for first-time pond owners or aquarium owners. The only thing that you need to do is get some strands added to your water feature. Rest, the plant will take care of everything else on its own. You also do not require a pot for its plantation. These plants float freely and are used as a refuge by tadpoles, fish and damselfly nymphs.

Water Plants For Beautifying Water Bodies
Water Plants For Beautifying Water Bodies

Emerged Plants

These remain rooted to the water surface. However, the vegetation is found above the water surface. They require proper sunlight for constant growth. Some good examples of these plants include redroot and knot wood.

Water plants are an essential part of the ecosystem. They can add aesthetics to the feature and also help in maintaining the ecosystem of the pond.

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