How To Care And Maintain Your Fishpond

Easy Way to Clean Your Fishpond

It is really beautiful to keep a fishpond at home or backyard however; it needs strict maintenance. Cleaning it is a big challenge. We have some easy methods for you which will seem to be like a cake walk.

Do Some Basic Fishpond Maintenance

Clean Filters Regularly

In this first method, you must clean your filter properly. Cleaning simply means taking it out and spray it to clean the particles inside. You must clean it once in a week.

Manually Clean Pond

It is the cheapest method but very time consuming. In this, you need to check out each day to remove algae. Take long stick and remove it with it. If you choose this method, then you need to be really active and watch out daily. Remove the debris and leaves floating in water with a net cleaner.

Feed Your Fishes Properly

Ensure that you feed your fishes properly. Give them the right amount of food. If you see that food is floating on water then, you must have given excessive food to them.

Use Organic Matter To Keep It Clean

Use Biological Filter To Clean Fishpond

You can use biological filters to clean your pond. It uses bacteria to gather the organic waste. You can use pond filter or external filter.

Add Barley Straw

Barely straw when decomposes it release out a chemical that prevents algae to grow. You can even add liquid barley. One tsp is enough for 50 gallons of water. You can add more after a week if you do not notice a change.

Add Plants

Easy Way to Clean Your Fishpond
Easy Way to Clean Your Fishpond

Then, you can add both floating plants or the plants that submerge well in water. They do not let algae gather and keeps the pond clean naturally.

Artificially Clean It

Add Water Treatments

You can even use artificial water treatments in water which are made to remove algae. They are safe to use with fish and invertebrates but if you have tadpoles, they might get harm with it. Read the directions mentioned on the packet before using it and use it accordingly.

Add Calcium Sulphate

Calcium sulphate is always available at all gardening stores. It is also known as gypsum. Sprinkle it across the surface in pond. It will not harm your fish or plants in fishpond.

Put A Moving Water Fixture

Introduce a moving water fixture in water as when it will move there are less chances to gather a moss in moving water. You can add like a fountain or waterfall in it.

Get A UV Clarifier

UV Clarifiers are special pumps that takes the water inside them and then expose them to UV rays. These rays any algae present in water. You must not expose yourself to those rays as they may harm you or your eyes.

See When It Is Necessary

Easy Way to Clean Your Fishpond
Easy Way to Clean Your Fishpond

You need to keep a check in this method and decide the time in an year or months when you need toc lean it. Some do monthly and some half yearly.

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