How To Care For Water Lily Plants

How To Take Care Of Water Lily Plants

Owning a garden is a thing and taking care of it daily is other. And this time, it is the most important one. If you have a small pond in your garden and you want to plant water lily or other similar water plants, then check out some helpful tips I have included in this post. Check out some useful tips on how to take care and grow those aqua plants in your ponds.

First of all, make sure to plant aqua plants or water lilies in fabric pond pots or no-hole plastic containers that will take low maintenance. Instead of using potting soil, try to us heavy clay loam or packed soil made for only aquatic plants. Try to avoid the wrong type of soil to protect your plants. Also, since most of the water plants need direct sunlight at least for 5 hours daily, make sure it is covering the requirement. Moreover, do not ever cover the growing point of your water plants with soil or gravel.

Planting Tropical Water Lilies

Tropical water lilies bloom day and night and you should plant them in pots at least 10″ in diameter. Similarly, if you plant them in a small pot, the plant will be smaller than usual. Hence, a 10 to 14-inch fabric pot is perfect for water lilies. Fill the pot with loam garden soil and add 2-4 fertilizer tablets. Then bury the plant gently on the soil, try to add some gravel sands to prevent soil escaping from the pot. Now place the plant in the pond to a depth of around 6 inches from the leaves of the lily. As the plant grows, you can lower it to more 12 inches. You should add the fertilizer tablets every 3-4 weeks.

Planting Hardy Water Lilies

The way of planting a tropical lily and planting a hardy lily is not different from each other. You need to use loam garden soil and 2-3 fertilizer tablets, a wide pot. You should plant the lily at the edge of a 14 or 16inch fabric container with about 45 degrees crown of the lily exposed. Top it with an inch or two pea gravel or sand and lower it to a depth of 6 inches in the water. When the plant starts to grow, you can lower it to 12-18 inches more depth. The best time to plant these plants is during spring and use fertilizer tablets every 4-6 weeks.

Taking Care Of Water Lilies

You must divide hardy water lilies depending to the container size. The best kind of container for these types of plants is shallow and wide. Trimming away the excessive roots can prevent from damaging foliage. Moreover, never forget to add the required amount of fertilizer and water whenever necessary. The right amount of gravel soil is also a point for growing the plant; however, as mentioned earlier, place them in a way where they can’t prevent the plant from growing.

How To Take Care Of Water Lily Plants
How To Take Care Of Water Lily Plants

If you have any tips to share with us about how to protect a water lily, please share them in the comment box below.

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