How To Choose Your Garden Fountains

9 Things To Know About Garden Fountains

Garden fountains can turn a dull outdoor garden space into a relaxing and happening area. Just choose the perfect fountain for your landscape. Combine the practicality and your personal preference to decor your backyard landscape with a fountain. However, before opting for an outdoor fountain, you have to keep in mind some key things for the renovation of your garden.

9 Things To Know About Garden Fountains
9 Things To Know About Garden Fountains

1. Power Source For Garden Fountains

For garden fountains, there are two most common power options- solar and hardwired. To install a hardwired fountain, you will need a licensed electrician as it is an addition to the electric grid of your home.

You can introduce solar powered fountains as they don’t need hardwiring with the electrical supply. Solar panels power these fountains and help to pump water during normal conditions.

2. Water Source For Garden Fountains

The outdoor fountains are mostly connected with the water supply of a home. These garden fountains have a constant flow of water. Until someone turns off the water, they won’t go dry. For re-circulating the water continuously, a pump is used for those fountains that are filled with hoses. You need to check it periodically to ensure water is sufficient.

3. Fountains’ Finishing Look

9 Things To Know About Garden Fountains
9 Things To Know About Garden Fountains

The look and the care the fountain needs will be based on its finishing. Stone and concrete fountain require less care as oppose to others. Stone fountains look more natural and will blend with the surroundings. The finishing of a fountain is important for firstly aesthetic consideration.

4. Options To Light Up Garden Fountains

At night you would want to see your fountain if you’re going to spend some time in your yard. Lighting options are there to direct focus on the garden fountain. You can install lights around the fountain if the fountain doesn’t come with a lighting facility. Choose colored lights, like Amber, to highlight it.

5. Right Location

Choosing the location for installing a fountain is the most crucial choice that you have to take. Larger fountains are best for keeping in a spacious place. Place the smaller fountain in such a space where nothing can block it. Take electrical connections and water lines locations into consideration before placing a fountain in one place.

6. Complementary Decors

9 Things To Know About Garden Fountains
9 Things To Know About Garden Fountains

If you want to add decor that compliments your fountain design, there are a variety of options. Water feature around it or a paved path that leads directly to the fountain, are great features to include. Covered ground or flowers planted around it accentuate the look of the backyard.

7. Efficiency Of Water

With a re-circulating pump, you can use the fountains even during water restrictions. Those re-circulated waters can be used until you drain it or water evaporates. Only then you have to refill. It saves water as well as keeps reasonable control over your water bill.

8. Fountain Cleansing

From time-to-time, every garden fountain requires cleaning as a dirty layer of algae makes the fountain look bad. Many fountains have own cleaning cycle to keep itself clean. However, you should drain the water and wipe it thoroughly.

9. Care During Winter

If you stay in a location where winter temperature freezes the water, you need to take care of the fountain. Before the freeze, drain the water, shut off the water supply from home to the fountain. You can cover it during cold weather.

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