How To Grow Echinaceas In Your Home

to grow echinaceas

Echinacea is a beautiful flower, which is commonly used for flower arrangements, however, their medicinal properties are what make them popular. The echinacea plant is known to enhance the immune system and help fight off colds and various types of illnesses. It also helps reduce swelling and inflammation on sore or damaged skin areas.

How to care for your Echinacea

Grow Echinaceas

The first thing you should know before growing Echinaceas at home is that these plants require intense sunlight and soil that is loose and well-drained. When growing Echinacea indoors we recommend using a clay pot with good drainage holes as the base of your potted plant as opposed to plastic pots as they do not allow any air circulation in or out of the container.

Where to place your Echinaceas

Grow Echinaceas

Echinaceas will grow up to 3ft tall, therefore it is best to keep them in an area where they are visible. It is recommended that you grow them by a window or out on your balcony if you have one. Keep in mind that Echinaceas produce flowers during the warm months of the year which means they will not be producing any flowers during the winter months, so it would be best to place your Echinaceas somewhere else inside your home while it isn’t growing.

Being placed next to doors and windows will help attract bees who get pollen from the plant’s seeds.

Tips for taking care of echinaceas

Taking good care of your echinacea will ensure its longevity. Use fresh water weekly to keep moisture levels at 25%, however, do not allow water to accumulate at the bottom of the pot. You can use a potting mix that will retain moisture which is beneficial when you are watering your plants every week.

Echinaceas have large beautiful flowers, so mixing them in with other potted plants is recommended to create harmony in your home, however, if you are placing Echinaceas by themselves they look best in groupings of 3 or 5 plants.

Echinacea plants are wonderful additions for people who love flowers and want the health benefits that come with these beauties. The most important part of growing these plants in your home is making sure that they are healthy by using well-draining soil and giving them plenty of sunlight.


Growing Echinacea plants in your home is a great way to add color and texture. The plant will often bloom with purple, pink, or white flowers that can fill up an empty corner of your house for months on end. If you have the right conditions, it may even flower twice! This article has provided some tips about how to grow them from seedlings which should help get you started if this sounds like something you want to try at home.

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