How To Grow Your Own Vegetables

Maintaining Vegetable Garden is rejuvenating for an individual’s soul and also helps the household to eat healthy vegetables farmed in your garden.  To have a vegetable garden, an individual requires minimum open space and a little bit of sunshine. You can have your small garden on your terrace, on the Balcony or Verandas

How To Create Vegetable Gardens In A Pot?

Choose wide and deep pots. Use quality potting mix for the healthy growth of plants and creepers. A potting mix or a potting soil is developed by using peat, composted bark, sand, perlite, Limestone, Composted wood chips, and mushroom compost. The commercially available brands have their PH fine-tuned with the ground, and some contain different slow release-nutrients.

What Type Of Products Can Be Grown In The Vegetable Garden?

With little care, you can grow creepers like ridge gourd, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, Beans, pumpkin,  and plants like tomatoes, cauliflower, coriander, green chilies, eggplants, carrots, beetroots potted in medium size pots or raised beds and nourished them with organic manure, water, and sunlight.

How To Prepare Your Terrace For The Garden?

To make the terrace Vegetable Garden, firstly create a raised bed. The raised bed will have ample space to grow the vegetables properly. Less care and maintenance will be required. The raised bed is to be filled with soil that will prevent voles and pest from entering. The soil will be a mixture of quality garden soil, ripe compost, and manure. The advantage of the raised bed is the height and width. Even sandboxes or sand pit can be used to have vegetable patches in the terrace. You are required to water the plants regularly and time to time checking for the pest. During the summer season  put an afternoon shade on the plants.

How To Prepare Balcony Vegetable Garden?

A balcony will be an ideal place to have container Vegetable Garden. Prepare the soil-mix by using equal part of peat moss, potting soil, vermiculite, and perlite or clean sand. Fill the containers till rim and plant the trees. The Vegetables that will grow well in the containers are tomatoes, Lettuce, Potatoes, Eggplants, Carrots, different types of herbs, Spinach. Beetroots, Radish, Fenugreek, Peas, greens are the fastest growing vegetables in the pot. Balcony wall can be used to hang planters on it. A balcony garden is preferable, as they are mobile, easy to water, optimum utilization of the space can be done. Those containers can be large flower pots, half barrels, Bushel baskets, window boxes and containers as per area. Use more substantial containers for trellised plants to stop the risk of tipping.

You can develop a Vegetable Garden in a small area of open space in the back yard of your house. The process will be the same as the terrace Vegetable Garden or if open land is there, you can utilize the area and develop a beautiful and useful Vegetable Garden.  Here you can plant more varieties, including large plants as the risk of tipping will be minimized due to the land.

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