How to Use Garden Gloves

A lot of available garden equipment today make gardening an easier experience for us. One of the most important and fundamental is a simple pair of garden gloves. The fit of the gloves, the type of gardening activity you plan to do, and water-resistance are key attributes of a good pair of garden gloves. Gloves with nubby fingers and good grip are suitable for most people. A good garden store will have good gloves for gardening.

How to Use Garden Gloves
How to Use Garden Gloves

Types Of Garden Gloves

For light gardening, I use lightweight gloves with rubberized palms and fingers for better grip. For heavy-duty and thorny bush pruning and the like, I use cowhide gloves that can work even for barbed wire. They are also useful for playing with my cat.

There is no single glove that can be used for all the possible gardening tasks. However, different types of gloves are available:

  1. Cotton Gloves – Cotton gloves are mostly suitable for light garden work. However, if you are planning to work on thorny bushes and plants, you should not use these to be safe from injury. The cotton glove fabric can get caught on the thorns and be damaged. Some gloves with a cotton upper side and a rubber lower palm side can work better as these are more durable.
  2. Leather Gloves – These are suitable when you have to work with thorns and prickly plants. However, they can be very uncomfortable during hot summer months. Aside from being more expensive, they may also may cut down your ability for some ground and yard work.
  3. Synthetic Gloves – Synthetic gloves may vary in durability and thickness depending on their price. They are rarely as good as leather gloves in terms of quality and utility. If you go for very cheap ones (such as Dollar store stock), they will not last beyond a single season. It is better to go for the higher-priced options so they serve you well.
  4. Rubber Gloves – Rubber or latex gloves are usually only useful for kitchen work. However, they may serve as good ad-hoc options in case you have to work with garden weeds and soil and you do not have the proper gloves.
How to Use Garden Gloves
How to Use Garden Gloves

Are Gloves Necessary?

I have always considered gloves a matter of choice. I don’t particularly appreciate wearing gloves, so I only use them when there is a risk of hurting my hands. I wouldn’t use them for planting or weeding, but I would to cut back a thorny bush. I also apply the same criterion in the house. For example, I will quite happily wash dishes without gloves but the soap powder used for washing clothes makes my hands very sore. In the garden, many soil-borne diseases or infections can be picked up from soil. Gloves can prevent dirt and soil from getting into nails, particularly long nails. Generally, to keep your hands looking good, wear gloves while gardening if doing light work. Gloves are redundant or necessary according to your preference.

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