How To Use Garden Tools

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A garden tool is any one of the various instruments designed for gardening and mostly overlaps with the category of tools designed for horticulture and agriculture. However, garden tools are much more diverse than just the usual assortment of hand tools used for gardening. They include not only hand hoes and spades but also digging equipment such as a digging trowel and cultivators, spinners, spades, pickaxes, etc. There are even special purpose tools like for vine or fruit cultivation, landscaping, etc.

A common tool in all forms of gardening is the hand trowel. It is a large tool usually used for loosening soil. It has a long handle and a blade on one side to make it easy to penetrate the soil. On the other hand, a spade is a digging tool specifically designed for digging up potatoes and other soil-type materials. The spade has a digging fork on one end which is used to loosen the soil while another digging fork on the opposite end is used to dig up and transport the soil.

Type Of Garden Tools

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Another type of gardening tool is the spade and shovel. Although both have the basic features of loosening and digging, they operate differently. For example, a shovel has a flat surface and is used in both loosening and digging while a spade has a more curved surface and is specifically meant to dig. Since there are many different types of spades and shovels available in the market today, choosing the right tools for gardening is a challenge.

Handles are the most important part of the garden tools. These tools use a metal-reinforced plastic handle which should be sharpened occasionally so that the tool can remain durable for a long period of time. Handle designs can be traditional or can include decorative designs such as an animal or vine. There are also some tools that come with decorative handles made from stone. However, aside from the handle, the other parts of the tools such as bucket, digging tool, and hoe also play an important role in the proper functioning of the tools.


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This is one place where all the tools in the shop are combined. All the equipment in this one place are designed to do one thing, and that is to pour out the garden materials that one needs. Some of the equipment include a garden fork, a garden hoe, and a garden spade. The garden fork is designed to dig while the hoe and spade are designed to cut and make the soil.

Gardening shovels are used to remove the dirt and debris that often collect in the vegetable garden. Most gardeners are familiar with garden shovels which are long metal tubes with a handle on one end. The gardener uses the shovel to turn over the soil or to dig up weeds. The shovel is a simple and basic tool that is essential to gardening. In addition, this shovel does more than just dig up dirt; it can also be used to pick up small stones and rocks.

Gardening Gloves: 

These are the most frequently used gardening tools by the gardener. Gardening gloves are usually made from leather or vinyl and they cover the hands and the fingers. They protect the gardener from any prickly sensation on his skin during the harvesting and planting process. To ensure safety, it is important that the gloves are flame resistant. This is especially true for the fingers. Before buying any gardening gloves, the gardener must know the purpose of the gloves and whether it will be used for harvesting or planting.

Garden Fork: 

This is another common gardening tool that is used to separate the plants from the soil. This tool has a trowel attachment and is used to loosen soil and plant media. It is important that the gardener ensure that he does not use the garden fork for striking the plants or digging holes for planting media. 

Last Words

A spade is another important garden tools that helps collect plant materials and a shovel can be used for moving the garden materials around.

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