Japanese Gardens Type Of Asian Garden

Japanese Gardens Type Of Asian Garden

As gardening is the most common of the hobbies of all the time. Although the planting is done for various purposes like floral, vegetable gardening, kitchen gardening, etc. But several other types of garden exists in the form of professional aspect. The Japanese gardens are one of them.

The Japanese garden is originated from Japan. Hence these gardens are the unique structures in the sense of creativity. These gardens are the formation of original articles such as trees, grass, floral arena, etc. although they come under the category of an Asian garden.

Asia is a big continent. Though almost every country of this continent has a similar climate, so many of the plants in the different Asian countries are same though there are many types of garden throughout Asia.

Japanese Garden A Type Of Asian Garden
Japanese Gardens Type Of Asian Garden

Though every country has different designs and style to decorate and represent their gardens. Hence the Japanese gardens or garden representation is here for you.

History Of The Japanese Gardens           

These gardens came in existence in the year around 570 when emperors of Japan wanted to take rest in a natural and peaceful place. At that time, the Japanese emperor was interested in Chinese culture. So they often sent their delegations to China. These delegations were the groups of diplomats, students, officials, monks, etc.

These delegates came back to Japan with the different aesthetics of the Chinese culture. And in this way, Chinese culture has a significant influence on the Japanese gardens.

Japanese Garden And Its Features

These gardens are unique in this regard that on these gardens, artificial articles are avoided. In this way, these gardens provide a purely natural environment and arena to the visitors of the garden.

The designs of these gardens are so natural that it gives a great vision and mental peace to the visitors. The religion-based ethics of Japan prominently influences the Japanese gardens. Somehow they have changed from the Chinese culture also.

Lakes Or Ponds Are Very Attractive Part Of Gardens

The lakes provide the beauty of nature and medium of boating to the visitors of the garden. The ambiance near the lake in the garden is so amazing.


Bridges age generally made by wood, but sometimes they are made up of stones and concrete. Bridges may be in different styles or structure. They may be leaning, flat or curved according to the size of the lake.

Floral Beds

Decorative beds and the grooves of trees are the critical stuff to be in the gardens. These are the actual natural formations that are the attention seeker to the visitors.

Japanese Garden A Type Of Asian Garden
Japanese Gardens Type Of Asian Garden

Types Of Japanese Gardens

Nara Period Japanese Gardens

These gardens were named after the city Nara. They are considered as the earliest Japanese gardens. These gardens were different from another garden in some aspects.

In these gardens, the design was taken with the idea of using stones on seashore. These gardens were generally used at that time for writing and taking rest.

Heian Period Japanese Gardens              

These gardens are specially developed for the different categories of people in the capital city of that time. There were mainly three types of gardens as- gardens for the emperor, gardens for people and gardens of the temple.

These gardens were built in different places in the city. The designs of these gardens were strictly based on Chinese ethics.

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