List Of Essential Landscaping Supplies

landscaping supplies

landscaping is an important part of home improvement. It can add beauty and value to your property, while also providing a space for you to relax and enjoy the outdoors. However, in order to make the most of your landscaping efforts, you need to have the right supplies on hand. Here is a list of essential landscaping supplies that every homeowner should have.

Every homeowner wants to improve their home by adding curb appeal. However, to do so effectively, you will need the right landscaping supplies on hand. Here are 10 essential landscaping supplies that every homeowner should have.

1) Stone or Gravel

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You can use stone for many different landscape applications including paths and walkways, mulch for sitting areas, borders, accent pieces, and more. Stone comes in various shapes and sizes which allows you to be flexible with your projects.

2) Mulch

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If you want soft surfaces around your property then using mulch instead of stone is a great option. This is especially true if you plan on having any children play in the yard or garden space regularly because it provides a non-abrasive surface.

3) Soil

To have any type of landscaping you are going to need quality soil. Start with the best possible soil that is appropriate for your local growing conditions and location. This can help ensure that your plants will thrive instead of withering away after being planted.

4) Shrubs, Plants, & Trees

There are many different shrubs, plants, and trees available on the market today which makes it easy to find one or more that will work well in your yard or garden space. However, before making a purchase make sure you choose varieties that are native to where you live because they are known to grow better in certain regions. They also tend to be less expensive because you won’t have to pay to have them shipped across the country.

5) Grass Seed

For many homeowners, the primary landscaping feature of choice is grass because it offers so much. Before you get started planting, make sure you know what type of grass seed is best for the conditions in your location and yard or garden space.

6) Sod

If the area that you are looking to fill with lush green grass is fairly large then using sod may be a better option than grass seeds. Sod is available in squares which makes it easy to measure out an area just right before laying it down.

7) Tools

There are some essential tools that every homeowner should have on hand when landscaping their property; shovels, rakes, shears, levels, gloves, wheelbarrow, etc. However, there are lots of other landscaping tools on the market that can come in quite handy when working with stone or sod.

8) Edging

To make your yard or garden look finished you will need to have some type of edging on hand. There are many different styles to choose from including bricks, pavers, precast concrete, plastic, and more. If you prefer something less formal than using natural stone may be a good option for you as well.

9) Landscape Fabric

When working with flowers or shrubs it is important to protect them by covering the soil with landscape fabric before adding any mulch or new plants. This helps prevent weeds from growing up through your flower beds and makes it easier to maintain your yard or garden area.

10) Watering System

To keep your newly planted flowers and other types of plants properly watered while also keeping your lawn looking green and healthy, a drip irrigation system is essential. However, if you want more control over how much water you are providing then installing an underground sprinkler system may be the better option for you.


If you’re looking for the perfect way to spruce up your outdoor space, this list of essential landscaping supplies is just what you need. From pots and planters to plant food, these are the basics that every gardener should have on hand. T

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