Missouri Botanical Garden-All You Need To Know

missouri botanical garden

Missouri is one of the most stunning places in the country. There are many attractions that you can visit when you are there. One of the best places that you can visit when you are in the city is the Botanical garden. The botanical garden is located on Shaw Boulevard in St. Louis, Missouri and you can visit the place with ease. This garden is also known as Shaw’s Garden as a tribute to the philanthropist Henry Shaw. The herbarium inside the garden has 6.6 million herbs which is the second largest in North America only second to the New York Botanical Garden. Here is all you need to know about Missouri Botanical Garden and where it is located. This Missouri Botanical Garden is beautiful and if you are in the city then you must visit it at least once. 

Cultural Festivals In The Garden

Botanical Garden

There are many events that take place in the garden and you can make the most of these festivals when you are there. One of the main festivals that take place is the Japanese Festival and another one is the Chinese Festival. You will love the beauty of the garden and the decorations that take place during this festival. In these festivals, you will noy only experience botanics and other things like food, crafts, and music. The garden is famous for its bonsai growing that takes place all over the year but is specially done during the time of these Asian shows. You will love these amazing events and if you are in the city during these events then you must visit these so that you can enjoy the culture of different countries.


Botanical Garden

There are different types of gardens in this place and they are stunning. The Tower Grove House and Herb Garden are amazing places where you can visit and these represent the Victorian style home of Shaw. The other place that you must visit includes the Victory of Science Over Ignorance that is a copy of the one placed in Florence, Italy. Linnean House is considered to be the oldest greenhouse that is operated on the banks of the Mississippi River. There are many other gardens as well like Gladney Rose Garden, English Woodland Garden, etc that have stunning natural beauty.

The Plant List

The plant list is an encyclopedia of the botanical nomenclature that you can see. You can see the scientific names of the plants on this list and it has over 1 lakh names of plants. It has been developed in collaboration with Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew and the Missouri Botanical Garden. 


This is all you need to know about Missouri Botanical Garden and you will love the place once you visit there. The place represents natural beauty and all the precious things that the earth has given us. It is one of the best places and if you are a nature lover then this is the place where you need to be. 

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