North Carolina Botanical Garden – Top 7 Gardens That Are Must-Visit

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Gardens are beautiful, and, undoubtedly, they are the pleasure for eyes with so many beautiful, colorful, and fragrances at one place anyone can get lost in the mesmerizing atmosphere. But North Carolina botanical garden has something extra; it has species of flora that you may have never seen. Most of them all botanical gardens of North Carolina has educational programs as well. Have you ever been to one? If no, then here are the five best listed to make your visit to Carolina worthy and boost your knowledge.

Balboa Park

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It has a century-old history; the garden is the most beautiful and preferred destination for nature lovers. And the reason is the existence of more than 2000 plants here. The park has plenty of space for visitors to enjoy with their travel mates and family. A garden is a good place for kids who are interested in flowers and plants as there is a lot to learn. Most importantly, a trip to Balboa Park is free.

Mendocino Coast Garden

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A park along the coastline, Mendocino botanical garden is perfect for a road trip. It is located at Highway no. 1 and is worth visiting during the summer. The garden has beautiful Rhododendrons species and a library. There is also a place for guests who want to host destination weddings.

Morten Botanical Garden

Flowers can bloom anywhere, even in dessert. This North Carolina botanical garden has a collection of species that grow in the desert. There are around 3000 unique plants that none of a nature lover can miss. The serene beauty of the garden also has Palm Springs.

South Coast Botanic Garden

This is one place that will make you lost in your natural surroundings. This 87 acre is close to the airport, so it’s easy for those who are on a quick visit and don’t want to miss this beautiful garden. One can see the tender flowers, green walkways, and surrounding natural beauty.

San Diego Botanical Garden

Only half an hour away from San Diego, this North Carolina botanical garden is a real treasure. Thus, birds across the country come here to stay and enjoy. Bird watching is thus, the popular activity of visitors here. It will give you experience and pictures worth preserving.

San Francisco Botanical Garden

It is known for having exotic plants and flowers and is also famous as an internationally renowned garden. The garden is in existence since 1954 and has been taken care of by the SFBG society. Visitors from across the country and world come here to relax, and students find it the right place to learn more about the wonderful and amazing plants unknown to us. A day will not be enough to explore this place as there are 8000 different plants.

Santa Barbara Botanical Garden

This North Carolina botanical garden is a live museum where you can explore nature’s best. The garden is spread across 78 acres of land and has conserved Californian plants.

Besides this, the garden has educational programs for visitors to teach them about every single species and its uniqueness.

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