Outdoor Container Vegetable Gardening – Produce Your Own vegetables

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Do you love gardening, but do you have a lack of space in the yard? Don’t worry, here is a permanent solution for you. Outdoor container vegetable gardening is an easy way to grow vegetables. Apart from that, a great benefit of this container gardening is that you do not need a large place. Some of the easiest vegetable plants to grow in are such as potatoes, tomatoes, pepper, and eggplant. Apart from these vegetables, you can also grow lettuce, peas in a container. Here are some of the outdoor container vegetable gardening plants that you can keep on your lawn.  


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Growing tomato plants in containers is very easy and incredibly satisfying. You need to keep this plant in a big container and make a tomato cage to support the plant for its heavy vegetables. If you are buying cherry tomatoes, then you should not require much space like the large tomatoes. But, if you are buying large tomatoes, then you have to take extra care and support to the stem of the plant so that it can stand and keep its fruits. Apart from this, it needs some extra places, so choose a big container for the large tomatoes. As the plant is in the garden, you need extra attention.   


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Basically, peas plant in the spring season. There are mainly three types of peas; snow peas, English peas, and sugar peas. However, peas are perfect for succession planting because they enrich the soil with nitrogen. That is why this plant has a fertilizing property. So, you may plant it in the container to fertilize the soil. Apart from that, it is super easy to plant and grow very quickly.   


Freshly picked potatoes taste completely different than the potatoes you purchase in a grocery store. These potatoes have higher water content and a bitter, earthy flavor to usher in the freshness of spring. Producing potatoes in containers requires a lot of soil and water but is worth the resources and effort. However, containers also add an extra level of protection against fungus or blight, which spreads easier among in-ground plants.  

Lettuce And Salad Greens  

Producing lettuce and other greens salad in containers is fast. Container growing provides you the flexibility to control pests and weeds more easily than in-ground planting. However, most lettuce and salad greens are spring crops, although newer varieties are developed to withstand the summer heat. You can also enlarge your harvest by moving your container to a cool shady area as the growing season heats up. Apart from that, lettuce does not need as much sun as most vegetables.  

Hot And Sweet Peppers   

Both sweet and hot peppers can be spectacularly beautiful, especially purple and orange sweet peppers in containers. They grow in large boxes but can be grown in any large container with good drainage, plenty of sun, and consistent watering.  

These are some of the outdoor container vegetable gardening plants that we can grow on our small lawn. Thus, you can utilize your small lawn very carefully and smartly.

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