Outdoor Gardening Compost Ideas That Will Help You With Your Gardening

outdoor gardening compst

Compost is a method of decomposing a mixture of organic waste material used as a fertilizer for gardening, plants, and agriculture. It’s a natural process of recycling food scraps and yard organic waste to convert into valuable fertilizer for plants. Compost mixture provides beneficial organisms and rich organic nutrients to the plants.  Outdoor organic compost used in the garden to improve soil fertility for the plant’s healthy growth. You might want to understand the basics of outdoor gardening before you proceed any further. In this article, we’re going to cover the topic of outdoor gardening compost, how to make it and its benefits.

Outdoor Gardening Compost Ideas – Compost Ingredient

There are a variety of brown and green organic ingredients used in making compost. First, you need a large container or compost bin with proper air vents to make the ingredients decompose. While making outdoor gardening compost, four important matters are needed: carbon, nitrogen, water, and oxygen. Here, some common organic nitrogen and carbon ingredient, which plants need: 

Green ingredients- eggshells, fruit waste, fresh leaves, fresh weeds, tea or coffee grounds, kitchen scraps, and herbivorous manures, which contain high nitrogen. 

Brown ingredients- dried leaves, newspapers, vegetable stalks, corncobs, pine needles, and wood-shaving-these ingredients contain high-carbon in them.

Water and oxygen are very important during the composting process.

Outdoor Gardening Compost Ideas – How To Make Gardening Compost

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To make outdoor gardening compost in the home, you need a dry space to combine green and brown ingredients to add to plant soil. The ratio of green and brown ingredients for the compost pile should be precise to make it more effective. The approx ratio of carbon and nitrogen is 3:1 to mix and produce fertilizer. Avoid adding excess carbon and fewer nitrogen ingredients; it will take years to decompose. Spray water over the pile to moisturize, but don’t add too much water. Stir the compost ingredients once or twice a week so that it gets oxygen. At the bottom, when you see the mixture of those ingredients turn crumbly brown, then the compost is ready to use in the garden. 

Outdoor Gardening Compost Ideas – Benefits Of Compost

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The main advantage of outdoor gardening compost is you can get environmentally friendly and chemical-free organic fertilizer for your plants to grow. This fertilizer improves the soil nutrient in your garden. It enriches the soil and gives a boost to your plants. It also lowers down carbon footprint and reduces methane emissions.


Gardening can be fun and effortless with the right gardening tools. The pruning shears help in cutting and trimming herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Garden gloves are another tool that protects the user’s hands from injury and dirt. For grading in containers or the ground, a hand trowel helps in digging. Composting method is incredibly easy to make with kitchen food scraps waste and organic yard waste. Some important things to remember while outdoor gardening compost is to avoid adding inorganic materials, fish and meat scraps, dairy products, pesticides, and charcoal ashes, which produce chemicals that can harm plants.

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