Portmeirion Botanical Garden Harmony Behind The Design

Portmerion Botanical Garden

The Portmeirion botanic garden has a retro look and a modern twist to it. The garden is a beautiful combination of modern art and the most valuable plants out there. With over 60 years of history, the tones used in Portmeirion pottery in the 1970s are still attractive and appealing to the modern trends of today. It is really an asset to the world in general and especially to all the plant lovers.

The Four Coloured Glazes of The Botanical Garden

A banana tree with green leaves

The design concept gave importance to the heritage and it was a significant influence in choosing the four colors. The colors are forest green, most green, stony grey, and amber. By doing this it pays homage to the tradition as well as to bring modern ideas to appeal to today’s people. The beauty of Harmony is that fans of the original botanic garden can gaze at the designs and they also love the original one.

The Unique Collection of The Botanic Garden

A close up of a spider

The Portmeirion botanic garden has a unique collection that stands out from the rest. It is an eye-catching scene to look upon these designs and marvel at the beauty and creativeness that it brings. This one is surely different from the other botanic gardens. The butterfly pottery, colored glazes, and vintage flower drawings are all displayed to showcase a unique collection of designs.

The Botanic Garden Brings Newness

The beauty and convenience of the botanic garden are that people can buy the ones available in the garden and add it to their existing collection. Customers may have ancient pieces and since the botanic garden has a combination of both ancient and modern elements it is easy to fit ancient with the new and vice versa. This is one of the best selling points of the garden as customers have a great choice.

The Butterfly Pattern of The Botanic Garden

Butterflies are iconic patterns to the Portmeirion and all the botanic gardens in general. A butterfly represents hope, endurance, change, color, life, etc, and gives a clear meaning ans=d pattern for the Portmeirion botanical garden. Studies and experiences have shown that butterfly symbolizes the passing of a loved one, struggles people have endured becoming a better person, etc.

Design And Texture of The Pottery

The design and texture are two things that people notice quickly and the botanical garden has enough of it to make one happy. The embossed ceramic border and color give a magnificent look to the pottery and they come in different styles and shapes. You can choose the one that fits you the best and also give a nice one to your friends and family. It is a fact that these potteries represent the culture.


The Portmeirion botanical garden is one of the best botanical gardens in the world and has a collection of unique and exclusive plants and potteries. The butterfly design is one of the best patterns around the world and has inspired many.

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