Garden Tools Combination Set

$50.68 $39.90

This set comes with a shovel, fork, rake, and spade that will let you work in your outdoor gardening with pleasure
It comes in brightly colored handles to help prevent tool loss and makes it easy for you to locate it in your garden
Excellent gardening gift for your mother, father or grandmother
Handle Material: Plastic
Shovel: 30 x 7.5cm
Fork: 28 x 7cm
Rake: 30 x 7.5cm
Spade: 30 x 5.5cm
Package Includes:
1 x Shovel
1 x Fork
1 x Rake
1 x Spade


Garden Tools Combination Set

Are you looking for perfect garden tools for your outdoor gardening activities? Hurray, you have come to the right page! We all need to beautify our surroundings in our home. That goes to say that we need plants, so it will make our home’s ambiance pretty and healthy. If we love to see our plants to be always in good condition, then we must take care of it. We all adore seeing pretty flowers, it makes us happy and glad, that we were able to do our best with regards to taking care of our plants. Furthermore, just like our pets, our plants need our love and care for them to survive in this world. For plant lovers, you are going to love all these garden tools.

Time To Replace Your Old Gardening Tools

It’s about time to replace your old and poor quality gardening tools with a new set. Get this combination set of garden tools that will let you work in your outdoor gardening with pleasure. One thing that we hate so much is that we keep on losing our tools because it is hard to spot. Worry no more, these garden tools color designs make it easy for you to locate it in your garden. You don’t need to fret anymore when you lose it. Look around, and you’ll see those yellow colored tools in your flower garden. You will instantly see it, and you don’t have to bother wasting your time searching for it.

Strong, Durable and Excellent Gift Idea

Moreover, these garden tools combination set comes with a shovel, fork, rake, and spade. These tools are strong and durable, and you don’t need to worry about rusting and breaking. This set is an excellent gardening gift for your mother, father, grandmother or to those who love gardening. Because sharing their interests will let them know how much you care and love them.


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