Lawn Trimmer Wireless Grass Cutter

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Wireless grass trimmer with moveable head angle design for more convenient use
Powerful blades which can change the direction of rotation
Easy and comfortable to use with convenient handle designs
Battery: 2000 mAh lithium battery / Inner packing size: 890 x 130 x 215 mm
Charging Time: 1 hour / Using Time: 50 minutes / No load speed: 8500 rpm / Cutting width: 12 inches / Cutting angle: 0°-60°/15° (5 position)
Package List:
1 x Lawn Trimmer Wireless Grass Cutter
1 x Power adapter


Lawn Trimmer Wireless Grass Cutter

Cut the grasses and clean up your garden fast and easy with the Lawn Trimmer Wireless Grass Cutter Machine. Very handy and convenient to use because of its built-in rechargeable battery design.

Rotatable Cutting Head

The Lawn Trimmer ‘s head can be positioned vertically or horizontally due to its moveable head. Very efficient to use thus trims the grass located even on the corners or sides of the garden. It has a support roller on the side, so the blades stay stable to use while on the vertical position. To change location, merely press the adjustment button on the bottom part of the machine and twist the head to the preferred angle.

Safe to Use

This machine is very reliable to use because of the protection guard built around the blades. You do not have to worry about the grass splashing in any direction. It trims the grass effectively to make sure the job is gets done quicker. Very safe to operate too because of this machine designed with convenient handles. You can easily control the Lawn Trimmer Wireless Grass Cutter in any direction you like. The length of the device is also adjustable for easy use for the user.

Wireless Design

No limit about the distance of where you want to use this Lawn Trimmer. Because it has a rechargeable battery design, you can use this anywhere in your garden. No need to worries about power outlets and length of wires. Clean your yard and cut the grasses fast and easy.

Powerful Trimmer

The cutting blade is made with durable quality material. You can use this even if the grasses are dry or wet. Change the rotation of the blade if clockwise or anti-clockwise by pressing the small button on the side of the handle. It takes 1 hour to charge and gives you 50 minutes of using time entirely.


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