Leather Work Gloves Safety Wear

$38.90 $29.37

Can help prevent cuts and scrapes while working
Soft and comfortable to use
Gives extreme protection against harmful chemicals and materials
Material: Leather lining / Cowhide
Test level:
wear-resisting level 4
cut level 4
anti-scald level 4
tearing resistance level 3
puncture proof level 2
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Leather Work Gloves Safety Wear

Leather work gloves play a crucial role for workers, especially those who work on construction areas and other work sites. This safety wear can protect their hands from harmful elements while working. It is one of the most necessary things to bring when you are out working in a construction site, welding, and many other work areas that might cause a hazard. The pair of gloves is essential to wear the right type of gloves in the proper working space. It should fit your hand thoroughly so that it can give you extreme comfort and protection. The gloves have a leather section part that will protect you when holding sharp or rough objects. It will protect your hands perfectly.

Product Details & Function

Generally, this product was made from high-quality materials, and because of that, this will be suitable for all your work needs. It provides a firm, comfortable grip. It can help you prevent things from slipping off your hand. You can hold items efficiently and work without worries. You can finish things conveniently and worry-free. This equipment can help you prevent hand wounds. It has a beautiful car suture and elastic feature which enables you to move your hands in any movement you want. Also, this equipment is sweat-absorbent and breathable. It just means that this product is essential and useful. You can carry it anywhere at any time. You can use it in any mechanical or construction work. Most importantly, it can protect your hands from infections that can cause health problems.


To achieve a smooth and efficient working space, you need to always think of your safety. In other words, you need to wear these useful gloves when working in hazardous areas. It can help you prevent different types of wounds in your hands.


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