Self Watering Planters Hanging Pot


Keeps the soil and plant moist with its absorbent cotton rope that absorbs the water in the storage
Self-watering planters that can help you save time in watering your plants
Made of plastic PP resin making it solid and durable
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Package content:
1 x Self Watering Planters Hanging Pot

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Self Watering Planters Hanging Pot

Decorate your home with these self-watering planters. Plants not only beautify our homes but also give fresh air in the surroundings. Moreover, it helps balance the oxygen and carbon dioxide in your area. So instead of putting artificial or plastic plants, why not have a real plant instead? It can also help you relieve stress. Seeing your plants grow healthy gives you happiness and self-satisfaction. Taking care of something that lives and grows can encourage you to be responsible. Since you need to watch over it and making sure that it’s growing fine.

Pretty Hanging Planters for Your Home

These self-watering planters are a simple white-colored pot that can hang. But, its simplicity makes it pretty to look at especially with a beautiful plant in it. And to make your planting task easier, these planters are self-watering. So now, you don’t need to water your plants every day. It can about enough water from the basket to make the plant moist. And it can maintain the water needs of the plant to sustain its proper growth. It’s perfect to hang on any wall. By using a hook (not included in the package), it’s so easy to place and hang these planters.

Easy to Use Hanging Pot

Now, you can decorate hanging plants on your garden with these hanging pots. And it’s easy to use, so you don’t need to worry about complex instruction. Place the absorbent cotton rope inside the inner plate before putting the soil and plant. Then put enough water in the water storage and place the removable inner pot. And with the use of a hook, hang the planter in your wall or to any surface you want it to have. So don’t delay and start planting on these space-saving planters. You will be glad about having it.


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