SF Botanical Garden – The Unique Gardening Structures That Might Inspire You

sf botanical garden

SF Botanical Garden is located in San Francisco at the Golden Gate Park and covers about 55 acres of land. The garden has a wide variety of plants which are divided into different sections. This article consists of the history of the garden, sections of the garden, and the places to visit.

SF Botanical Garden

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SF Botanical Garden is also called the San Francisco Botanical Garden and is located near San Francisco Golden Gate Park at Strybing Arboretum. It is a Botanical Garden that covers around 55 acres of land across San Francisco. The Garden has around 9,000 different types of plants across the globe. It is the largest on the west coast and is known for its greenery laying the foundation for a symphony of a variety of plants, flowers, and trees to the public.

SF Botanical Garden consists of a huge collection of different kinds of flora, fauna, and trees. The Collection particularly consists of Magnolia species, confiners, palms, and cloud forest species from central and South America and Southeast Asia. It is operated by the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department.

History Of SF Botanical Garden

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In the 1890s under the Supervision of John McLaren, the making of SF Botanical Garden started. However, the construction of the garden did not begin until 1926 due to some financial reasons at that time. Due to the generosity of Helena Strybing, some funds were made available for the flourishment of the garden. In the year 1937 after the supply of local donations, the plantation took place.

In May 1940, the arboretum was officially opened for the public. As it is a part of Golden Gate Park it is authoritatively managed by the city of San Francisco. However, society plays a vital role in providing educational programs, managing volunteers, etc. In 1955, the SF Botanical Garden operated the Helen Russell Library of Horticulture, book stores, monthly sales of plant and educational programs.

In the year 2004, its name was changed from Strybing Arboretum to San Francisco Botanical Garden at Strybing Arboretum.

Sections Of The Garden

The SF Botanical Garden has a wide variety of plant species which are broken down into various section that are:

Mediterranean: This Section of the Garden consists of Native plants of California and various specimens from Southwest Australia, South Africa, and Chile. It also consists of Redwood Trail and John Muir Nature Trail.

Mild Temperate Climate: This Section of the Garden consists of the plants from Eastern Australia, New Zealand, and Japan plants that grow in a mild temperate climate, also the Moon Viewing Garden of Japan is Integrated into this Section. A temperate garden is also part of this section.

Montane Tropic: The Plants under this section are positioned in the South East Asian and Mesoamerican Cloud Forest. Andean Cloud Forest is in development under this Section.

Specialty Collection: This section of the Garden is incorporated by drawf conifer, succulents, dry Mexico, and Primitive Plants. It also includes Camellias and Magnolia plants which make the garden beautiful. Zellerbach Garden of Perennials and The Garden of Fragrance are also part of this Garden. It also has an Ancient Plant Garden, Exhibition Garden, and Rhododendrons garden.

Places To Visit

In the SF Botanical Garden there are various interesting places to encounter and various attractive spots with an impressive wave of greenery. The places which one can visit include-

Garden Bookstore: The Bookstore of Garden includes a variety of books which include information about Organic Gardening, medical Plants, botanical arts, and designs of the garden.

Helen Crocker Russell Library of Horticulture: this library is the largest Horticulture Library in California. It also includes the Children Botanical Library which has around 1300 variety of books for children. This library consists of books about Horticulture and has around 27000 volumes with 450 plants.

Tour to Various Section of Collection: The garden has 4 different Sections which have a variety of plants from all around the world. There is a free guide tour which would guide the visitors about the different sections and the places from which plants are brought in the garden.


The SF Botanical Garden is a Garden with a pageant of scents, colors, and beautiful vision. The garden is the largest of its kind on the West Coast. This Garden has various types of plants, a library, and bookstores which give us information about organic plants, medical plants, the design of the garden, and many more things. It has the largest library of horticulture. It provides various educational programs also.

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