Solar Garden Fountain

Solar Garden Fountain

Now, everyone wants to make their house look beautiful and elegant. Moreover, people wish to make their gardens look like a mesmerizing place. Further, they spend a lot of money and time decorating their nurseries. Therefore, we bring you this solar garden fountain to enhance the beauty of your garden.

Moreover, the fountain will reduce your need to buy more products to increase the beauty of your garden. Further, you can also add some water plants along with the fountain. Thus, it will aid in adding charm as well as greenery to your home or garden.

Solar Garden Fountain Lotus Flower

Now, everyone likes to be praised for their house. Moreover, people spend a lot of mind and money on decorating their homes. Therefore, they deserve appreciation for the same. However, the biggest issue is how to decorate your garden without spoiling it or causing any damage to your plants. Thus, this solar garden fountain is a perfect choice for your garden. 

Moreover, this fountain will enhance the beauty of every garden, whether big or small. Further, this fountain is in the shape of the lotus. Thus, it will make everyone adore your garden. Also, the lotus fountain will add to the charm of your garden.

Features Of Solar Garden Fountain Lotus Flower

  • Now, this fountain is solar-powered, along with a beautiful and mesmerizing design. 
  • Further, the fountain is suitable for gardens, ponds, or any other water feature.
  • Moreover, the fountain is waterproof and easy to use. Additionally, the fountain requires no electricity or batteries and run on solar power. 
  • The solar panel is 7 Volts 2.5 Watts, whereas the working voltage is DC4.5V-9V.
  • Further, the material used in the fountain is plastic.
  • Moreover, the size of the fountain is 180 x 55mm, and the height of the water spray is around 50 centimeters. Also, the weight of the basin is 315 grams.
  • Subsequently, the package contains a solar garden fountain lotus flower, a user’s manual, and a box.

The Fountain Is Waterproof

Now, with an elegant look of a lotus, the fountain will ensure to make your garden look incredible. Further, the solar fountain is easy to use. Also, it is an excellent choice to make your yard beautiful. Moreover, the fountain is waterproof. Additionally, you can let this fountain float in your pond. 

Subsequently, you can have small parties or dinners in your garden to make your guests enjoy the beauty of this fountain. Also, it will make your evening relaxing and soothing to your mind. However, you don’t require any electricity or batteries to operate this. The fountain works on solar power. Therefore, you only need placing the fountain in direct sunlight. Furthermore, you can use it outdoor where you can utilize the power of the sun to operate this fountain.

Thus, to make your house look warming to the people and comfortable, you can opt for this fountain. Moreover, the fountain will add a lot of grace and charm to your place. Therefore, you must try this fountain. 

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