The Botanical Garden of Brooklyn

brooklyn botanical garden

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden is a great place for families to visit, with numerous events and programs to attend. If you are planning a trip to the city this summer, consider taking your children or grandchildren to the garden. They will be delighted with all of the new plants and flowers that they will see here, along with all of the other great activities that the park has to offer.

Top Garden

A vase of flowers sitting on top of a green plant

The botanical gardens in Brooklyn have been transforming into something spectacular since the early twentieth century. The gardens were established to help botanists study different types of flowers and their seasonal changes. In addition, they were designed to help the city provide its citizens with food, clothing, shelter, recreation, and waste disposal.

Although Brooklyn experiences the best summer weather in the entire country, the Botanical Garden is unique because it only gets really hot during the day. At noon, the temperature can reach ninety degrees. Even on the hotter days, the temperatures remain moderate, with a humidity level around fifty percent. This crisp weather is ideal for blooming perennials, annuals, and colorful bulbs. Visitors can expect to find beautiful flowers such as the daffodils, daisies, tulips, sunflowers, honeysuckle, and marigolds. Visitors can also enjoy the many botanicals and flowers that grow in the area.

Lots of Events

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Throughout the year, the parks have many scheduled events for locals and visitors to participate in. There are free concerts and events every day, as well as special events highlighting different types of plants or flowers. For instance, in May, the gardens will host a Rose Garden Tea. This is a two hour guided tour, where participants will get to taste a delicious cup of tea brewed from flowers grown in the garden. During August, the Botanical Garden hosts an Arts and Crafts Fair. There are many different types of exhibits and live entertainment available to watch at this fair.

There are many other interesting things to do in Brooklyn Botanical Garden. For instance, the gardens host several community gardens. At each of these, visitors can participate in projects and learn about growing and gardening in general. This is done by working in a garden and observing how plants grow and thrive in their environment. There are educational panels and talks given by local experts in the Brooklyn community. These talks allow you to learn new and exciting facts about gardening.


The gardens are also home to many award winning plantings. These include the first organic coffee in America and Canada. There are also award winning gardens featuring fruits and vegetables. At each of these gardens, visitors can smell the natural smells as they walk through the grounds. You can feel the texture and feel of the plants as you walk through them.

The gardens are not just a place to go and relax though. They are also a great place for family fun and recreation. The botanical educational programs that take place on a regular basis will keep your children interested and excited for years to come. There are also a number of sporting events that take place at the botanical gardens. These events include nature programs, concerts, nature walks and even bicycle tours.


If you are looking for a new way to get exercise and enjoy a beautiful location then visiting the Brooklyn Botanical Garden is a great option. Other than the gardens, there are also a number of walking paths in the neighborhood that allow you to get exercise while still in the beautiful surrounds of the park. You can also take in the beauty of the scenery during your time at the botanical garden as well.

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