Things To See And Do In San Diego

san diego botanical garden

The mission of the San Diego Botanical Garden is to “provide a place where people can see the unimaginable”. With hundreds of thousands of species of plants and flowers, the Gardens strives to sustain an extraordinary diversity. In other words, you will not find cabbage roses in this garden.

It is home to the Giant Swallowtail, Juniperus Diploptera, and the Giant Canary. These are only four of the species that are found here. On any day in October, you can see dozens more. What is more amazing is the fact that half of these are from only one area of the world.

The Climate Of Southern California

A plant in a garden

This is due to the very nature of the climate of Southern California. It never really gets too cold or too hot, at least not for too long. As a result, there are a lot of species that grow well in this climate. For example, there are over twenty different species of bird in the area. They can be found in the parks, near the water or even right in the middle of the metro. Of course, they would not be in such a large population without the local residents.

There are a number of beautiful features in the San Diego Botanical Garden. Two particular features are the Lily of the Valley and the Black-Lipped Bush Winch. The Lily of the Valley blooms for seven weeks each year. Each blossom represents a blooming season. You will see how it changes as the season progresses until it finally blooms in late summer.

Botanical Garden

A tree in front of a building

The Black-Lipped Bush Wench Botanical Garden’s flowers last for two years. To appreciate them, you have to go to this botanical garden at night when the bushes are not blooming. You will find black specks floating in the water. You also have to make sure to walk slowly so as not to scare the wench away. Just follow your sight to get the best view of the beauty of these flowers.

If you are looking for wildflowers that you can bring back home, you should try the Wildflower Adventure in the Botanical Garden. It allows you to bring back a part of nature in your own backyard. This place is a replica of a Middle Eastern market. You will find a variety of wildflowers and wild veggies.

San Diego Botanical Garden’s Conservation Station

You can even grow some of these veggies in your own backyard. You can find a good book about gardening and its needs at the San Diego Botanical Garden’s Conservation Station.

San Diego offers more than just beaches and surf. It also has a botanical garden, where you can find all sorts of plants. It is a great activity for kids. You should make it a point to visit this place often.


Another place that you should see is the SeaWorld. It is like the real thing in San Diego. You can have your pets of choice at the park. It is very much like being at the sea.

You can also find a great show at the Petco. You can watch a dog show while you feed your pet turtle at the same time. The shows that happen are very much similar to the ones that you would find in the parks. It is a wonderful experience.

One more must-visit spot is the GasLamp District. It is a very beautiful place in the evenings. You should definitely make it a point to go here.

Final Words

San Diego Zoo’s SeaWorld is another tourist attraction in San Diego. You can have the whole family in line. It is a good learning facility for the younger ones. They will love the different marine life that you will find in SeaWorld. As a matter of fact, the whole zoo is only thirty minutes away from the downtown area. If you like to shop, Downtown Disney is a fun place to shop too.

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