Top 10 Plants For Butterflies

Top 10 Plants For Butterflies

Top 10 Plants For Butterflies- Fluttering Beauties

There are approximately fifty kinds of butterflies that are native to just the United Kingdom. Add to this the plethora of butterflies around the world, and you have an entire museum of these precious, beautiful winged creatures. Therefore, having the right kind of plants in your garden is essential if you want to attract these beautiful insects. This is why; we have compiled here a list of top 10 plants for butterflies.

Top 10 Plants For Butterflies
Top 10 Plants For Butterflies

The Buddleja

These flowers are mostly summer blooms but last till Autumn, thereby drawing butterflies to your garden for months together. The best part about these plants is that they grow straight and occupy very little space, which makes it perfect for corners.

The Sedum

These plants are surprisingly tolerant to droughts and prolonged dry spells. They are perfect for high temperatures and sunny weather and require very little maintenance. They are one of the top ten plants for butterflies.

The Hebe

These plants are available in a broad spectrum of colors ranging from deep shades of blue and purple to soothing shades of white. These plants are slow-growing but very tolerant of cold temperatures. They are compact and incredibly useful for giving some structure to your garden.

The Verbena Bonariensis

These are long-lasting flowers that attract not just butterflies but also plenty of bees. They grow in beautiful lavender shades and are planted alongside herbs and grasses to give the garden a beautiful shape.

The Echinops

These plants are among the top 10 plants for butterflies. Known for their beautiful architectural importance, they grow in clusters of blue on silver-ish stems and are very useful for cutting foliage, thereby making it a good contrast against other perennials.

The Echinacea- Top 10 Plants For Butterflies

Unlike a lot of other plants, these are known for their beautiful, large flowers that can reach around 10 cm in diameter. They come in vibrant shades and are a perfect choice for the corners in your garden. They give a dramatic impact to your garden and attract plenty of insects and butterflies.

Top 10 Plants For Butterflies
Top 10 Plants For Butterflies

The Aster

This plant is beneficial for beginners because they are not only effortless to grow but are incredibly resilient as well. They grow in mesmerizing shades of blue or violet during late August.

The Lavender

Lavenders are always an excellent addition to your garden because of the elegance that they bring. They have an intoxicating fragrance, thereby making them perfect for path edges or low hedges.

The Cornflowers- Top 10 Plants For Butterflies

They grow in shades of deep blue mostly and are commonly grown on bushy plants. They are a great addition to meadows and garden borders.

The Fennel- Top 10 Plants For Butterflies

These plants bloom in late summer thereby making them valuable to your garden if you want a splash of colors even at the end of the season. They add height to your garden and are useful for filling gaps in the garden.

These plants can easily be labelled as the top ten plants for butterflies. So go ahead, plant one today!

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