Top 10 Summer Bedding Plants

Summer bedding plants

About Summer Bedding Plants

There are many ways to plants beautiful summer plants in your garden. Nearly all plants are available as seeds. But it is better to use summer bedding plug plants. These are adequately raised seedings. These tiny plants are easy to plant, and they grow well. Also, summer bedding plants are available online. You can buy them and plant them in pots or the garden. With a little care, in the beginning, they will grow into beautiful flowering plants.

Summer Bedding Plants
Summer Bedding Plants

Summer Bedding Plants


Geranium is a sun-loving plant. It is the best-suited summer bedding plant for a hot and dry climate. They flower throughout the season. Further, they have climbing, trailing, and upright growing varieties. Decorating them in garden borders, in patio containers, and hanging baskets beautifies space. Pink, red, and white are original colors found in these plants.


Begonias are popular flowering plants. They have a wide range of colors. Also, these plants grow well in both sun and shade. Further, you can store tuberous Begonia through the winter for annual bloom in summer. Moreover, these plants can be used for decorative purposes. Hanging them in pots or planting them along the garden trails both make your place look beautiful.

Busy Lizzie

Where the climate is hot but, shady Busy Lizzie is perfect summer bedding plants. They have a wide range of bright colors. Pink, red, purple, and white is standard colors found among these flowers. Also, these are spreading plants so you can use it as your ground cover or patio borders.

Sweet peas Bedding Plant

These plants give a lot of flowers throughout summers. Sweet Peas are excellent fragrant flowers. With support, they grow up to a height of 2 meters. Thus, it makes an excellent summer bedding plant.


Petunias attract people by their large trumpet flowers. These plants have a fantastic array of colors and patterns. It is easy to find various flower colors of a plant, but it is this plant that shows different patterns in its flowers along with colors. You can grow it as climb as well as massed bunches. Purple, lilac, blue, and various shades of mauve along with stripe and picotees patterns, gives them a unique appearance.

Other Summer Bedding Plants


Antirrhinums have spiked flowers. They are available in many vibrant colors. Also, they are famous for their unique flowers. They are dwarf plants. Also, they have a height between 25 to 90 cm. Further, its nectar attracts bees.

Summer Bedding Plants
Summer Bedding plants


These annual bedding plants are easy to grow and flower throughout the season. White, blue and purple are the beautiful colors of its flowers.

Californian poppy

They can even thrive in dry soil. Californian poppy is very eye-catchy. Their vibrant colors light up your garden. Orange, yellow, red, and pink are standard colors of Californian poppy flowers.


Cosmos attract bees towards their sweet nectar. Pink, red and white saucer-shaped flower of these plants bloom in mid-summer.


These coneflowers are late summer bedding plants. They flower from July till October. Red, orange, and yellow are typical colors of Rudbeckia. They are long-lasting indoor vase flowers. They give a fantastic look to your garden. Planting it in separate areas of your yard offers a great look.

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