Top 3 Attractions Near the Chicago Botanical Garden

chicago botanical garden

The Chicago Botanical Garden is located on Chicago’s lakefront. It’s one of the most impressive botanical gardens in the world. Nearly twenty acres of beautiful landscaped gardens with hundreds of different species of plants and flowers in various settings. It was created by the late Dr. Arthur Blank in 1960.

An Overview

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There are numerous visitors to the Chicago botanical garden. Some come just for the beauty of the garden and some stay for the amazing botanicals found within its walls. However, it is not only a place to find beautiful flowers and plants, but also a great scientific research station. There are several major attractions located near the park including the Field Museum of Natural History, Shedd Aquarium and Illinois botanical garden.

Chicago Botanical Garden’s two main attractions include the Bonsai collection, which are found inside the main Chicago Botanical Garden, and the Shedd Aquarium. The Bonsai collection is an amazing collection of trees, shrubs, and even smaller flowering plants. You can select from one of hundreds of species. There are over fifty types of bonsai. These magnificent plants have been carefully selected to match the specific needs of the native woodland area where they are found. Because they grow so well, and are such a beautiful accent to any landscape, the Chicago Botanical Garden decided to make a bonsai collection based on the Japanese Fuda tree.

Shedd Aquarium

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The Shedd Aquarium is another amazing attraction. There is a separate Bonsai exhibit that is open to the public. The exhibits are free, but you must purchase a ticket to enter the Chicago area. Here you will be able to view the many different species of aquatic plants and fish. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy nature, while learning more about the natural wonders of our country’s heartland!

If you are in the mood to see more wildflowers, the Chicago Botanical Garden has four walled gardens. It has blossoms ranging from apricot to lily and calla lily, along with a selection of hedges, bushes and grasses. Each plant blooms for one season only and then must be replanted. The beautiful flower show, held every May, is a sight to behold. Other wildflower displays may also be found in the gardens, like the butterfly garden. The butterfly garden consists of over forty different butterflies and wasps, all displaying their colors and patterns.

Amazing Display

While there is a bonsai display at the Chicago Botanical Garden, it is a different type of display. Instead of flowers, the walled garden contains trees. These wonderful oases of greenery are planted around the garden to beautify it for the seasons. Some of the trees bloom during the summer, some during the fall, and others bloom even in the spring. You will be able to see a wide variety of seasonal flora each season at the Chicago Botanical Garden.

One of the favorite attractions at the Chicago Botanical Garden is the butterfly garden. There are hundreds of different species of butterflies that can be found at the Chicago Botanical Garden. The garden even has a record keeping system to help insure that the butterflies are returning each year. In addition, Chicago Botanical Garden has a butterfly house, which allows a person to see the butterflies as they take a look out their window. In fact, many people visit the Chicago Botanical Garden just to watch the butterflies and take a picture of them!


Another attraction at the Chicago Botanical Garden is the famous Shorkback tomato. The Shorkback tomato is one of the most popular varieties of tomatoes grown in the United States. The beautiful green vines grow up to 30 feet high and make a perfect backdrop for any pictures taken at the Chicago horticultural society. The beautiful plants and flowers make this garden a favorite among a wide variety of visitors. Take time to view the beautiful plants and flowers while you are in the area.

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