Using Garden Tools For the Elderly and Disabled

arthritis gardening tools

If you love to garden, then arthritis friendly garden tools are what you need. There are two types of garden tools that are specifically made for people who suffer from arthritis. The first is a special pair of scissors that have soft grips and extend out over the end of the scissors. The second is a special pair of razors with a hard grip at the end. Both of these products are great as they help to relieve muscle tension, pain and stress while gardening. When using either type of product, it’s important to be careful not to damage your hands or feet by not wearing the appropriate protection.

The Most Common Arthritis Gardening Tools Is The Garden Hose Nozzle

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One of the most common arthritis gardening tools is the garden hose nozzle. A garden hose nozzle can really be one of the most abused items in your home. It gets used all the time because you may be using it to water flower pots, trees or other plants in your yard. While the use of a hose is essential, having an ergonomic handle that is comfortable to hold on to and a wide base to ensure stability while leaning against the nozzle makes the hose an item that you don’t want to be without.

Another one of the arthritis gardening tools for the elderly and the disabled is a bucket protection. A bucket can be an essential tool when caring for gardens, flower beds, pastures and other arrangements that require you to keep moving. A bucket can also be used to water livestock, pets and other things. Having proper bucket protection ensures you are protecting yourself from injuries that may occur as you drag a heavy bucket across your yard. An ergonomic handle makes it much easier to grab the handle and to make sure you’re holding onto the bucket securely so you don’t slip off while carrying or using the bucket.

Arthritis Friendly Garden Supplies Include Hand Rakes And Shovels

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Other arthritis friendly garden supplies include hand rakes and shovels. Hand rakes can be a great help in getting rid of debris, earth and sticks from around your lawn and gardens. Using a rake with an ergonomic handle makes it much easier to use and doesn’t cause any pain to the arm, shoulder or back. Having a shovel that adjusts from a short handle to a long handle can make the task of digging where gravel or dirt has been dropped much easier for the elderly and the disabled. An adjustable handle lets you determine how far you have to dig and helps you avoid injuring yourself.

The last of the arthritis gardening tools should be considered an all-in-one item. A wheelbarrow or a trolley would be the perfect item to have. You can carry most garden tools at once, making the task of tending to a garden much easier, especially if you have a large garden area to tend to. If there are a lot of plants to tend to and a number of different tools to use in the garden, a wheelbarrow or trolley would be a great piece of equipment to have.

Hand Tiller Or A Digging Fork

One other item you need to consider is a hand tiller or a digging fork. These items would come in handy not only for the garden but for other areas as well. Digging tools can be hard to get a hold of and a tiller is a much better option for getting a hold of them. Handheld gardening tools such as these will be helpful not only for digging up dirt or plants but will also help with other chores around the house. Having a smooth grip on the handle of the digging fork will help to eliminate most of the accidents that occur when you are holding a shovel or a tiller.

Having all of these gardening tools can be overwhelming, but knowing which ones to buy can be fairly easy. Knowing what needs to be included in each set of tools is the first step in purchasing the right set. The best time to buy arthritis friendly gardening tools for the elderly and disabled is after you have determined what activities they will be using. By purchasing these items in sets, you can ensure that every member of the household will have the exact tools needed for their projects. With ergonomic handles on each tool, and adjustable grips on the spades, you will feel comfortable no matter where you place these tools.

Wrapping Up

You might think that it would be difficult to find good garden tools for the elderly and disabled, but these tools are available. If you are having trouble finding an arthritis-friendly set of garden tools, then consider purchasing from a company that sells medical products. There are stores that sell all types of equipment for those who are living with this disability. Just by visiting your local hardware store, you will be able to find several options for purchasing this essential item.

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